Rep. Frost Exposed for the Anti-Family, Hypocrite He Is

e-mail response to Rep. Frost following his 3:24 a.m. rant against the MassGOP Party chair, demanding the removal of a member for not supporting homosexual marriage/child adoption.

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From: Steve Aylward

Sent: Saturday, June 5, 2021 10:02 AM

To: ‘Paul Frost’; ‘’; ‘Jim Lyons’
cc: [all state committee members]

Devote Catholics believe that the teachings of the Church is the Word of God.  Sorry Mr. Frost but that is a fact.  And that being the case I hope you will understand that for good people like Debbie, the word of God is more important than anything The Boston Globe, Charles D. Baker, WBUR, you or any other liberal entity might think.

So while you’re calling out members as bigots, let me give you more fodder.  A few years back Boston Children’s Hospital starting pumping a 9 year old boy full of hormones.  After 5 years of this, a surgeon there undid the work and the will of God and turned that boy into a girl.  At the time I labeled that as “sick”.  By your standards and your great ability to judge people for what they say and believe, I must be some kind of bigot.  Please call me out as a bigot, as only you can do.

I also criticized Baker for breaking his campaign promise (he MUST have been a bigot at the time) and not vetoing the Bathroom Bill.  Again, I oppose the idea of a man being able to go into a bathroom, a shower facility or any other place where woman and girls are looking to protect the modesty and their privacy.  Again, please call me out a the bigot that I am.

And what of that horrible Debbie Dugan?  She actually ran the campaign for the ballot question to overturn the bathroom bill. And she was on the Board of Renew MA, that family values organization.  Certainly we need to call out Debbie!

And speaking of Renew, what about all of our members who worked for Renew in one way shape or form.  I think we all know what they believe! There are more than enough to keep you busy.  (Don’t bother trying to hide in the attic folks.  I am sure that Mr. Frost will find you.)

But speaking of Renew MA, I know for a fact that I have seen YOU more than once at the annual Renew MA Christmas Party in Worcester.  I watched you along with many other members of the Legislature, as speaker after speaker talked about the need to protect the family unit.  That makes you an incredible hypocrite.  Imagine actually supporting an organization that believes in family values.  Maybe some of our members who bravely and openly support traditional marriage can provide us with some pics of you at the event, kissing up to Chanel Prunier.  So I think maybe  you should add your own name to the Enemies List that you are compiling.

But aren’t all of us bigots?  After all our own MA Republican State Committee Platform for the past 8 years at least has included the line “traditional marriage strengthens family”. Oh my word!  We all belong to an organization that open supports bigotry.  And what of Amy C who chairs the Platform Committee and opening pushed for  including this phrase!  (I voted for it but we already know that I’m a bigot.)

And what about the RNC, the organization that Ron Kaufman [Mass. National Republican State Committeeman] so proudly told us at the Wales meeting that he built.  If you read their platform you would be horrified.  Is Ron a bigot?

I guess that for you Mr. Frost maybe it is ok to belong to and support an organization that promotes bigotry, but heaven forbid you have the nerves to speak what you believe by virtue of your membership. 

At the meeting next week, please do call out all of us bigots.  Just like in the Monty Python movie you can go around pointing at members, calling out “WITCH” in your best English accent.

From pornography to questionable campaign contributions to and from these crazy right wing zealots, there is much to do,  But I feel confident that with you as our Holy Hypocrite we can start the purge.  Let the Litmus Tests begin.  Those who believe in the word of God can no longer play any role.  Only what the Globe wants is Sacred.  Even if you  speak privately as Debbie did, you need to be purged from our ranks. 

[To Mr.Sossa Paquette I say seriously that a lot of people on this committee might like to support you.  If you are serious about winning you would be better off constructing a solid campaign against the Democrats.  That is how you win.  People support people if they think he or she can win. Show us that you are that person.  Engaging in this sideshow at the urging of those you want to use your campaign to destroy – Mr. Lyons and other conservatives – is not a productive use of your time and energy.  You might get publicity, but you will not win if it becomes your only focus.  We need good candidates, and you might be one.  I suggest you start trying to prove to us that you have tough skin and can tolerate all views and all ideas.  That is what a leader does. It is how you win.  When you win you get the chance to change things for the better.  My best wishes going forward.]

Lastly, it is always our right to primary people.  Let’s start with Frost. It is my belief that his words and behavior are extremely destructive to our organization, and we should try to get rid of him.  I will help any candidate who steps forward to stop this destructive hypocrite.    

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