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Pro-Israel, anti-Jew-hatred rally in Cranston, RI today at 2pm


Pro-Israel, anti-Jew-hatred rally in Cranston, RI today at 2pm

A state-wide rally supporting Israel and combatting Jew-hatred in Rhode Island and world-wide will be held outside Praise Tabernacle Church, 330 Park Avenue, Cranston. Accompanied by a caravan of some 30 motorcycles and vehicles sporting unique rooftop menorahs, the festivities will kick off at 2:15 pm, with the caravan scheduled to arrive on-site at 2:30. The event has nine co-sponsoring community organizations and was organized by RI Coalition for Israel (RICI), a state-wide group of pro-Israel Christians and Jews who advocate for Israel and Judeo-Christian values.

Keynote speakers for the event are Rabbi Barry Dolinger, President of the RI Board of Rabbis and the rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom, Providence; Pastor Allen Pangburn, senior pastor of Praise Tabernacle Church; and Luann Pezzullo, self-described “83-year-old activist” and national pro-Israel leader from Bristol, RI. Planned for the event are Israeli music, kosher snacks, handheld Israeli and US flags and banners, and free copies of “The New Anti-Semites”, a ground-breaking study of the growth of Antisemitism from both the political left and the right.

“Jews have had enough today. In New York and LA we are being physically attacked on the streets by individuals who use Israel as an excuse to assault us,” said Howard Brown, RICI executive director. “We will no longer be the punching bag for radical leftists in the DSA and their ‘social justice’ henchmen.”

“On May 21, the DSA led a rally of 300 people in downtown Providence calling for the end of Israel and equating Israel to Hitler, Stalin and South African apartheid. They have the first amendment right to say what they want, but that language is what leads to violence. We are collaborating with the RI Attorney General’s office in training law enforcement about civil rights for Jews. These days when Jew-hating language leads to attacks on Jewish individuals, property or institutions, RICI will be pushing for enforcement of RI’s hate crimes enhancement legislation” said Brown.

“DSA’s seat in the General Assembly will not protect them,” he concluded, referring to the seat held by Rep. David Morales, DSA-Providence.

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