7 minutes – Tells you all you need to know about the MassGOP


Kathy Jo Boss, wife of Geoff Diehl gives you in 7 minutes what you’ll never hear anywhere – certainly not on certain radio talk shows.

Watch the whole piece, but if time is short, be sure to fast forward to the 2 minute mark, and watch until the 9 minute mark (and if you have a soul, you’ll most likely watch the entire thing from that point forward).

6 Replies to “7 minutes – Tells you all you need to know about the MassGOP

  1. So glad I saw this clip….right behind you, Geoff….BUT WE NEED TO LEAN UP THE VOTING PROCESS!

    How can people help with this?

  2. As a supporter of Jim Lyons for Mass GOP Chairman, what starts at the 2-minute mark inaugurates testimony that I find to be ineffective and cringeworthy. I understand the Diehl’s and Jim Lyons’ frustration, but self-pity truly is not good box office.

    There is nothing wrong with conservative Republicans characterizing the problem of having been undermined by members of their own Party. But in order to appeal to those whose votes we need, our demeanor has to be that of happy warriors. We cannot be talking about the problem, without talking more about the solution.

    Exposing the Baker Faction’s obstructionism and hamstringing of Republican reformers does serve an essential purpose. It explains how we got to where we are now. It is very revelatory, and Jim does follow the telling of his lengthy, sad tale by proposing solutions for the Party and the Commonwealth. But exposition of the plan forward at this meeting is much too secondary to the lament.

    1. Agreed to a point. But understanding the deep corruption. Will hopefully open many eyes , to what we are dealing with.

    2. You contradicted yourself. You started with the self pity shot at Jim and Geoff, then went on to say there is nothing wrong with exposing the problem. You then said we have to be happy warriors. How can we be happy warriors with traitors who I call the enemy within embedded in our party? Jim did a fantastic job outlining the serious issue. Sorry that doesn’t make you happy.

  3. I’m the new chair of the Arlington RTC, elected by grass roots activists who recently joined like me. I am new to state politics – nothing about it attracted me. We are fighting on the local level against mandates and school indoctrination, and for election integrity (with Caroline’s people). We helped with Caroline Colarusso’s campaign against the vile Katherine Clark who will be speaker some day unless we defeat her. I was amazed she got little to no support from the state or national GOP, but now I know. I hope you get the mess sorted, but in the meantime, we have much work to do opposing yet another property tax hike next year and defunding DEI.

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