Log Cabin Carnevale Slaps Gag Order on All MassGOP Employees Immediately Following 37-34 Chair Win

by Lonnie Brennan

Minutes after assuming the throne of the MassGOP with a 37-34 win, Amy Carnevale issued a gag order to “All Employees of the Massachusetts Republican Party” forbidding any communication with any “external parties (i.e. reporters, vendors, non-employees).”

Carnevale issued the one-page letter with her MASSGOP CHAIR logo on top, detailing that for “likely the next 24-48 hours” employees are not to talk to anyone about anything to do with the MassGOP. She further locked out all employees from the MassGOP offices “without my express authorization.” The letter detailed that all login accounts shall be transferred to Carnevale or her “designated representative,” and that no communication – e-mail, chat, social media “shall occur without my express authorization.”

Log Cabin Amy Carnevale – the New Face of the Republican Party in Massachusetts poses with Alex Hagerty – president of the Greater Boston Log Cabin LGBT Group (courtesy photo)

Carnevale has called a meeting of all employees at 11:00 am on 2/1/2023.

She concluded her letter, attached below, with:
“Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how our Party can best work together.”



As widely reported, three candidates were nominated at the MassGOP meeting on January 31, 2023: Jim Lyons, Amy Carnevale, and Elizabeth Childs.

Childs garnered five votes on the first round of voting and was thus eliminated as the lowest vote earner.

In the second/final round, Carnevale was given 37 votes over 34 for Lyons.


The mood in the room was one of confidence throughout by the victors, most of whom have not attended a state committee meeting for over a year – they had boycotted Lyons during the election season and took actions to disrupt the workings of the MassGOP. One attendee activist noted: “the margin of victory appears smaller than the number liable for criminal prosecution,” referring to actions taken against Lyons, much of which was uncovered this fall during court-sanctioned legal  sworn depositions.

Of note: Lindsay Valanzola, exposed  for her online postings stating how she has lived in out of state for 2.5 years, has a car registered out of state (but not a car registered in Mass. despite claiming to maintain a residence in remote Whales), but is still on the voter roles in Massachusetts, and despite a preponderance of evidence against her residency claims, was allowed to vote. She took the MassGOP to court (source of funds unknown), and her appeal was approved – the MassGOP was overruled  in trying to block her from voting – the reason: technical legal bylaws not followed to properly remove her, so she apparently snuck over a crack. Just a coincidence – the same judge who broomed former Gov. Charlie Baker’s son’s groping charges approved Valenzola’s ability to vote.

Lindsay Valanzola waves arm to cheers from Carnevale supporters as she takes ballot to vote – Broadside photo

A triumphant Lindsay Valanzola smiles – Broadside Photo


The Betrayal

A lot of talk outside the room occurred in the wake of “Caroline (Colarusso’s) middle finger to conservatives” is how one activist termed the former conservative turned Lyons hater. Colarusso nominated establishment/RINO backed Carnevale. While apparently many knew of the rift between Colarusso and Lyons, the nomination was considered over-the-top, and an insult to all conservatives. Several pledged on the spot to do everything possible to support any opponent Colarusso may have for any position in the future. The conversation continued with only slight variations from area to area. Irritation would be a mild word. Sheer anger would more closely capture the reaction from many.

The Radio Guy Conversations

Surprisingly for the first time in history, despite decades of not getting candidates elected, a former Boston-based radio talk show host spent the bulk of the past five months beating on Lyons seemingly daily on his show. Conversations in the outer room during the votes included questions of the sudden interest by that host and his network which took in at least $85,000 in revenue last year from a candidate the host heavily and repeatedly endorsed, and who was beaten by Gov. Candidate Geoff Diehl. (The radio host went on a similar five-month rant against Diehl, with some apparent cognitive leap that Diehl – who beat the radio host’s candidate is “a loser”? Go figure.)  Watchers from the outer room at the voting venue suggested that the radio host is expected to now go on a bragging tour, in addition to his Twitter feed, and most likely embrace Carnevale to his show, some suggested. Others expressed mostly sadness at the passage/flip flop of someone they once respected, but went way too negative on a former friend (Diehl) and was more abusive toward a Christian, pro-life Lyons than they had ever seen him against any Democrat. Either way, people were talking, and it was not favorable, at least amongst those who did not support Carnevale nor the host’s failed candidate, who several noted had bragged to the Boston Globe about having voted for Hillary Clinton.


The 35 people listed below (out of 37 votes) are those who either endorsed, expressed, or otherwise indicated that they would be voting for Carnevale.  The vote took place by secret ballot, so it is possible that someone on the listing may have changed his or her mind and voted for Lyons.

Speculation on the other two names continues, and when we get a firm in-the-eye confirmation, we’ll add them to the listing.


Fifth Middlesex Caroline Colarusso Nominated Carnevale
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth Colleen Maloney
Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden Robin Almgren
Second Essex
John McCarthy
Hampden Nathan Bech
Middlesex & Worcester Brian Burke
Third Essex Amy Carnevale
Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden Mike Case
Worcester & Norfolk Ryan Chamberland
Plymouth & Norfolk David Collins
Second Bristol & Plymouth Brock Cordeiro
Second Essex Jaclyn Corriveau
Cape & Islands Will Crocker
Cape & Islands Judy Crocker
First Worcester Patrick Crowley
Plymouth & Barnstable Jennifer Cunningham
Bristol & Norfolk Angela Davis
Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Shawn Dooley
Plymouth & Norfolk Janet Fogarty
Second Worcester Paul Frost
Second Middlesex & Norfolk Janet Leombruno
Second Worcester Mindy McKenzie
Second Middlesex John Miller
First Middlesex & Norfolk Tom Mountain
First Essex Maura Ryan-Ciardiello
Norfolk & Plymouth Matthew Sisk
Worcester & Middlesex Susan Smiley
First Worcester Kristina Spillane
First Bristol & Plymouth Patrick Stanton
First Bristol & Plymouth Nancy Stanton-Cross
First Essex Shaun Toohey
First Plymouth & Bristol Mark Townsend
Second Bristol & Plymouth Jill Ussach
Lindsay Valanzola
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex Michael Valanzola

NO SHOW: Jay Barrows, expected to vote for Carnevale.


Concluding Line Received by Broadside After the Vote:

“We have vengeful criminals with the minds of children about to take power at the MassGOP,” one conservative activist wrote in the wake of the vote. “They are the pot calling the kettle black and calling Jim Lyons the very thing they are doing.”

23 Replies to “Log Cabin Carnevale Slaps Gag Order on All MassGOP Employees Immediately Following 37-34 Chair Win

  1. I’m a republican but Now dislike the Ma Republican Party. The new chair embraces gays too much. I feel gays are wrong when they can reproduce it will be fine. Two men can not have a baby same with two women. I’ve always have these beliefs my right. They have gone too far when they push their agenda on me!

    1. She is no Republican–look at her, she has democrat written all over her leftist face. Treason!

    2. Don’t worry Bob. Nobody is trying to make you gay . God forbid we stand for a small government.

  2. Shame on many electives who are in the position of supporting brainwashing the established Rino Republican Party including you Howie Carr. Amy will you continue the criminal and civil suites against those in the Republican Party and hold them accountable? No you won’t! Thank you for all you’ve done Jim Lyons, Geoff Diehl and all who are true to the Republican Party! May this not be the end of us Conservatives

  3. So, what’s up with Colarusso? What’s the beef with Lyons? Seems a vendetta for her to support Log Cabin Amy. As for Howard Louis Carr, Jr., heard from a very good source he had a private investigator looking for dirt on Jeff Kuhner for three weeks finding nothing. This seems to indicate jealousy and insecurity. Then there’s the lawsuit he and the Herald lost to Judge Murphy to the tune of 2.06 million. So much for his holier than thou attitude. Yet, he continues to kvetch about Mike Barnicle’s apparent plagiarism. Hmmm – It’s all about “Howie” for Howie. Nice guy.

  4. The MassGOP is irrelevant. Their mission statement is “lets just go along to get along” . Just look at all their leaders and candidates since the 1980’s, totally ineffective in stoping the advancement of liberal policies and legislation.

    1. Its apparent there is no getting along with these tyrants. The fight must continue–Lyons deserves a lot of credit for exposing the corruption within, now, as with national politics, we can see there is only the fight. The left cannot unite the country–its not in their DNA and with this state GOP development we cannot put up with weak kneed so-called Republicans. From what I can tell these people are actually democrats in disguise. Democrats do whatever it takes to win and gain power–republicans need to do the same or go extinct.

  5. Thanks for the list of soon to be defeated fake so-called Republicans in 2024. I saw my worthless absentee Rino there and will be donating heavily to her challenger who I just met recently at a Republican unity event. They all must go.

  6. The Eastern Regional Chair of the Constitution Party is eager to work with any real conservatives tired of the same ole GOP corruption and lies.

  7. The end of the MassGOP….Lyons didn’t even run the party…that manchild from Swampscott with his Burger King crown ruined BOTH the once-great Commonwealth and the party. When there hasn’t been a conservative in the Corner Office since Ed King, a Reagan Democrat, today’s problems are what we have. It’s very difficult for those on our side on the aisle just to survive here, never mind seek political office.

  8. I had no idea Jim Lyons was being sucker punched by the governor and so many state committee members for so long! Our State Committeewoman, Janet Fogarty, never told us anything about it. Now I know why.

  9. All these people are typical political swamp creatures. They’re only in it for themselves. Can’t wait for 2024 so we can show them We The People own the party, not them. if you’d like to help drain the MaGOP Swamp.

    1. Sue,

      Here is some of my work. There isn’t enough space in this reply block to list everything that I have done pretty much with my hands tied behind my back with respect to Election Integrity while people look the other way, and we’re focused on issues only affecting themselves.

  10. I’m a conservative first, Republican second. These fake conservatives have been exposed now. If they think they now will win seats magically because they are corruptly in charge, they are more delusional than I thought . They WILL NOT reach out to any conservative minorities nor will they fight for America First candidates! Don’t give up or give in and quit. That’s what they want. Stick around and make their lives more miserable than ever!

    1. For the last several years as a member of the Massachusetts republican party, I have been fighting election integrity with little or no help from anyone. It is the most important issue facing Republicans in this state. I could sit here and highlight every single instance. Every complaint that was filed every foyer request every public records request, and every effort to hold the Secretary of State accountable but I’m not sure you would read through it all nevertheless, I’ve attached one one that was published from Lonnie Brennan.

  11. My name is Rob Aufiero, I’m Caroline Colarusso’s counterpart in the 5th Middlesex. Caroline was the first State Committee member to raise this issue of election integrity. Immediately, following the November 2020 election, Caroline rallied me and other Committee members to strongly persuade Party leadership to address this problem. While Caroline isn’t the only person who has been working on this issue since then, I am convinced her constantly urging action helped bring about all of the important work we’ve seen since November 2020. Caroline has carried our banner as a candidate for State Rep, Congress and as a Selectboard member in Stoneham.
    Caroline has also helped collect signatures on Ballot petitions over the years. And encouraged candidates to run against left-wing Democrats. She is one of the most dedicated, hard working members of the State Committee.
    I understand some people might not be happy with Caroline. But we can’t deny all of her hard work for the Party over the years. And before we go public with our grievances, let call each other and work it out like responsible adults.

  12. My name is Robert Aufiero, the State Committeeman for the 5th Middlesex district.
    Caroline Colarusso is one of the most dedicated and hard working members of the State Committee.
    Caroline called for Election Integrity since immediately after the November 2020 election.
    Carried our banner by running for State Rep and Congress. And served two terms on the Selectboard in Stoneham.
    Caroline has collected signatures for ballot petitions, ranging from fiscal & social issues.
    I am sure if anyone were to call Caroline and ask her about a position or vote, you would receive an honest, civil answer.

  13. The state of Massachusetts is lucky to have Caroline Colarusso. She has worked tirelessly FOR FREE to better our state and bring back common sense, accountability and fiscal responsibility to the Commonwealth.

    Voter integrity and free and fair elections is not a political issue. It is the fabric of our democracy. Caroline has done as much if not more than anyone else in the state in trying to clean up the voter rolls, expose election irregularities, fraud and other issues.

    She volunteers her time on this and many important issues. People should rally around her and anyone else trying to move the needle in regards to voter integrity.

  14. All I know is Caroline Colarusso is one of the few MA GOP members that on day one after the 2020 election stood up to demand accountability and transparency about mail in ballots. Caroline has worked with grassroots citizen election integrity groups since 2020 and I can tell you that not many MA GOP besides her have bothered to answer our calls, questions, emails, or meet with us. We were not completely on our own and that mattered. A lot.

    Caroline was very vocal and actively spoke up (multiple times) against the permanent mail in voting bill (MA VOTES ACT, signed into law June 22, 2022), which by the way, included ERIC membership, which means SoC made agreement to regularly give our voter and private RMV driver data to an out of state, left leaning NGO based in DE to be shared with 29 other ERIC member states. Caroline also took incredible initiative in November 2022 in USC D5 to clean the inflated voter rolls of ineligible voters in those municipalities. MA D5 communities should be grateful for Caroline’s efforts.

    I hate to break it to those that are not aware, but unless we have election integrity (transparency from SoC down, clean voter rolls, no mail in ballots, accountability, and accurate and auditable tallying of votes), it doesn’t really make a difference who the MA GOP Chair is. Unless, of course, the MA GOP Chair used their power and position to promote true election integrity. We can’t vote our way out of our current predicament under our current election system, election laws and regulations.

    Has anyone been paying attention to current “election reform” bills on Beacon Hill? Allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote? Ranked choice voting? Our dem legislators keep creating election laws that do not support election integrity. MA GOP needs to fight these bills.

    Fighting with each other will not help our cause in Massachusetts. I understand there’s corruption in MA GOP. It’s obvious. We need bi-partisan balance in MA legislature and at the local level (we aren’t even close to balance). That can’t happen without election integrity.

    I know that Caroline believes that one of the most important rights for all eligible voters is to be able to cast their one vote for representation and to have it be fairly counted and not disenfranchised. That’s all I need to know about her.

  15. As a resident in the 5th Congressional District in which Caroline Colarusso ran, I feel compelled to express support for Caroline’s position in the GOP Chair election as well as her sound judgment Those of us who listen to Caroline’s message know that her number one issue is election integrity, without which there effectively is no GOP, and under Jim Lyons there was no interest or support whatsoever for this issue. Caroline represented Massachusetts at the Moment of Truth Summit last year, an event both Lonnie Brennan and Jim Lyons were invited to but skipped. Caroline’s campaign worked to expose grossly inflated voter rolls in her district, with no support from party leadership. I personally applaud Caroline for her tireless efforts and strong leadership in her district and within the party.

  16. This is disastrous for the party and goes against the grassroots that have worked tirelessly, while the rest of these people could not be found and did not do their job as they should have. This vote has only divided the party further – and these people have turned into everything they say they are fighting against. Anyone that thought bringing this sort of corruption into the party, and going this direction is a good idea? Should absolutely be primaried – if the grassroots agrees they will get their vote accordingly… But seeing as how pissed off everyone is, I wouldn’t count on it.

    When you’re elected to represent the people you better dang well represent the people. We had a chance to send a message and finally being rid of Baker, build the party we want, need and deserve. Instead these people voted for more of the same nonsense, the same kickbacks, and unfortunately the party is only imploding further. Bad move all around, no matter who it is.

    They may have their corporate donors, but they won’t have the people of the party!! And thats who they need to win elections. Also, I’m not really sure what voter integrity has to do with any of this.

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