Update On: Critical Caucus Vote Saturday: Kathleen O’Connell for Republican State Committee vs. The Swamp and a Hillary Lover?

Update 2/25/2021: Slight update on the article below. Nancy Luther has thrown her liberal Baker-loving support to Jaclyn. You can read all about it on Jaclyn’s Facebook page posted mid-Thursday afternoon (today). You can also enjoy several pretty photos of Charlie Baker with Jaclyn. So, a vote for Jaclyn, endorsed by those who brought the Republican party to the knees of the Democrats in the state, ensures the Republican party will most likely continue to be just that, a footnote.

WHAT:  Second Essex State Senate District Caucus to fill an empty seat on the Massachusetts Republican Committee, the 80-member governing board of the MassGOP, due to the resignation of an elderly member.

WHEN: February 27th, 2021 at 11am

WHERE: 55 Ferncroft Road, Danvers Ma

We asked each of the three candidates for the 2nd Essex District Republican State Committee race (caucus election is this Saturday) the questions listed below.

Only one candidate replied, and, knowing what we know about her opponents, we not only highly recommend and endorse her candidacy, but encourage all caucus-goers to truly think twice before they consider casting a vote for her one of her opponents.


  1. Kathleen O’Connell IMPRESSIVE. See answers below
  2. Jacyln Corriveau – Ask her the question below about Hillary Clinton. She cut her teeth in politics with a political appointment by Charlie Baker.
  3. Nancy Luther – Ask her about her lengthy Boston Globe piece promoting abortion. She took severe umbrage with the MassGOP including the rights of unborn babies in their platform (support birth, not death), and turned to the Globe. A former, long-serving state committeewoman, she was defeated by a conservative (and to some degree the anti-swamp/Trump revolution), and now wants her seat back on the committee (big supporter of the establishment).

The questions and answers from the only (non-liberal extremist) respondent, Kathleen O’Connell:

Kathleen O’Connell

1. Do you think Gov. Baker should face a less Democrat-supporting primary challenger should he or Karyn Polito run again?

I don’t have a problem with another Republican in the race. It would be good for the Party to have someone with alternative opinions to the present Governor, as long as it’s a race about issues. A robust discussion on Republican principles is good for all candidates. Republicans across the board win on issues, Democrats win on celebrity and spin. I think always running unopposed can make candidates complacent and take our vote for granted, and takes Republican principles out of the public discussion.

2. What are your thoughts on our Senator Bruce Tarr’s recent score of 59% (solid F – failing grade) for his votes last year to raise spending/fees/taxes, as assigned by Mass Fiscal Alliance?

Joan Lovely is our Senator who I would work on replacing post haste. On the chart of scores, Joan Lovely needs a separate page, way, way at the bottom.

[Editor’s Note: We had meant to ask about the Senate Minority Leader, but her answer is spot on and better for the district. Fallout against Tarr continues….more in the Broadside’s printed paper… )

3. What are your goals for building the local RTCs in your district?

I have helped and supported several campaigns since moving to Peabody including my husband’s, John Salisbury-Rowswell. I’ll be out there again this election cycle win or lose supporting all Republicans running, including the two women running against me now. First we need to reconstitute the Salem Republican City Committee. Sadly that group just died out and the former members I reached out to felt disillusioned and abandoned. Peabody and Danvers Committee’s are in fairly decent shape. I have spoken with several of Topsfield Committee members and they have not had much contact with either Republican Committee Man or Woman in quite some time. This needs to be rectified immediately.

4.What are your goals to recruit and support local candidates in your district?

I think we need to start at the local level, City Councilors, Town Committee, School Committee. People need to see a voting record on candidates to vote for them to a higher office. Not that we haven’t had some great candidates like Bob May, but when you consistently put up candidates that no one has heard of and we don’t really have a sense on who they are it’s hard to get people to the poles to vote for an unknown. I think once we really have Republican representation at these levels people will be more enthusiastic to get out and vote for Republicans at higher office.

5. Did you vote for Donald Trump? Or have you now or ever voted for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

          I have never voted for a Democrat for President. I voted enthusiastically, both in 2016 and 2020 for President Donald J                  Trump.

Statement of why you are running, and why caucus members should vote for you:

I am a lifelong Republican starting at age 10 and a political junkie. I was one of Reagan's Young Republicans in High School through College and that Since moving to Peabody my husband and I have become very involved in local politics and we are both active members of the Peabody City Republican Committee. We have campaigned for Republican candidates on all levels from local, state and federal offices. Although I am a Conservative I do not believe in having a litmus test for candidates. I think that we need to stay focused on facts and issues rather than personalities and popularity contests. The Mass GOP has become fractured into camps; in order to build the party we need to put aside our differences and focus on what unites us. As long as we stay divided we are giving elections to the Democrats which has long term financial consequences for the State especially now during a Pandemic. 

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