GOUSA’s Grand Republican RESET is at CPAC

GOUSA’s Grand Republican RESET is Going to CPAC  

Grand Opportunity USA, “GOUSA”, is headed to CPAC in Orlando February 25 – 28 to expand its mission there and to and launch its Grand Republican RESET and reformation project – the time is now for such an important effort.   The 501(c)4 nonprofit organization was founded by John Paul Moran, conservative author and recent Republican candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District.  Learn more at:  

At GOUSA, we are a diverse group citizens who CHAMPION UNITY, LIBERTY and OPPORTUNITY for ALL, and stand for common sense PRO-USA principles…It’s Principles over Personality and Free People over Growing Government Control.   

We’re extremely alarmed about the far-Left Democrat takeover of our country and their goal to permanently transform our Republic into a totalitarian-socialist state.  We are even more concerned about the division within our own ranks, and the GOP’s inability to unite and stop them. Feckless Republicans in office in have failed to uphold what they laid out in their own preamble, and those that have failed should simply be held accountable. 75 million voters are furious about the last election over half are ready to walk away from this party, for good.  

At GOUSA we strongly believe that the Republican Party must undergo a massive REPUBLICAN REFORMATION and RESET to bring it back to its 1854 roots and founding principles of Unity, Liberty and Opportunity for All.   Our mission is to reform the GOP, unite the movement, rate, vet and recruit Pro-Opportunity candidates for office – who will be called “Opportunity Republicans” – and replace those who stand against Opportunity for our citizens.    

If going to CPAC, be sure to find us at CPAC Central, and join our “Grand Republican RESET Party on Friday, February 26th at 3NINE in Orlando.    You can learn more and donate at:  

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