Massachusetts Republican State Committee Election Results – Charlie Baker is the Loser

Trump hater, tax raiser, fiscal and social liberal Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker got in some hard hits against certain conservative Republican State Committee candidates on election day, but in the end, it appears Baker’s team will see a net loss of 10+ seats.

While it will take some time to estimate the amount of money spent by Governor Charlie Baker to purge the Republican State Committee of non-liberals (and that number is huge, viciously huge), it appears at first blush that Charlie once again wasted close to a million trying to purge non-liberals from the Republican State Committee, the 80-member governing board the the MassGOP. The balance of power appears to have shifted toward reform and continuing with last year’s newly elected party chair and former state representative Jim Lyons.

The biggest blow to conservatives was the loss of Mark Bergeron. Bergeron represented Springfield and was unable to defend his seat against a heavily-funded Baker candidate. In a similar fashion, an anticipated 4-6 other seats are seen a going to the liberal Baker win column. However, as noted in the table below, it was a big night for conservatives who displaced what appears to be upwards of a dozen Baker candidates or retirees. We await final numbers on many races. Factoring in open positions filled in some cases by conservatives, in others by Baker candidates, the best that can be said at this time is that Baker’s spending stemmed what might have otherwise been a total rut of the MassGOP.

We will be updating this table periodically as candidates provide information. Be sure to note the timestamp, and REFRESH YOUR BROWSER to see new updates.



Senatorial DistrictCandidates (Vote for One Male, One Female)
Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden(Sen. Adam Hinds)Mike Case
Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden(Sen. Adam Hinds)Robin Almgren
Bristol & Norfolk(Sen. Paul Feeney)Fred "Jay" Barrows
Bristol & Norfolk(Sen. Paul Feeney)Angela Davis
First Bristol and Plymouth (Sen. Michael Rodrigues)Patrick Thomas Stanton
First Bristol and Plymouth (Sen. Michael Rodrigues)Nancy Stanton-Cross
Second Bristol & Plymouth (Sen. Mark Montigny)Broc Cordeiro
Second Bristol & Plymouth (Sen. Mark Montigny)Jill Usaach
Cape & Islands (Sen. Julian Cyr)Francis P. Manzelli
Won by 169 votes (1.3%)
Cape & Islands (Sen. Julian Cyr)Judy Crocker
First Essex (Sen. Diana DiZoglio)Shaun Toohey
First Essex (Sen. Diana DiZoglio)Laura Ryan-Cairdiello
Second Essex (Sen. Joan Lovely)John McCarthy
Second Essex (Sen. Joan Lovely)Ann Richard
Third Essex (Sen. Brendan Crighton)Steve Zykofsky
Won by 146 votes (2.8%)
First Essex & Middlesex (Sen. Bruce Tarr)
Rockport, Gloucester, Manchester, Essex, Hamilton, Wenham, Ipswich, Rowley, Middleton, N. Reading, Wilmington, Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, W. Newbury, Newbury, N. Andover
Rich Baker
First Essex & Middlesex (Sen. Bruce Tarr)
Rockport, Gloucester, Manchester, Essex, Hamilton, Wenham, Ipswich, Rowley, Middleton, N. Reading, Wilmington, Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, W. Newbury, Newbury, N. Andover
Amanda Kesterson
Second Essex & Middlesex (Sen. Barry Fiengold)Brian Genest
Second Essex & Middlesex (Sen. Barry Fiengold)Evelyn E. Curley
Hampden (Sen. James Welch)Nathan A. Bech
Won by 66 votes (3.1%)
Hampden (Sen. James Welch)Marie Bergeron
First Hampden & Hampshire (Sen. Eric Lesser)Sid Starks
First Hampden & Hampshire (Sen. Eric Lesser)Deborah Martell
Second Hampden & HampshireRichard Berrena
Second Hampden & HampshireLinda Vachon
Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester (Sen. Joanne Comerford)Jay Fleitman
Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester (Sen. Joanne Comerford)Mary Lou Stewart
First Middlesex (Sen. Ed Kennedy)Dennis Galvin
First Middlesex (Sen. Ed Kennedy)Kathleen Lynch
Second Middlesex (Sen. Patricia Jehlen)John Miller
Second Middlesex (Sen. Patricia Jehlen)Danielle Marie Macinnes
Third Middlesex (Sen. Michael Barrett)Jim Dixon
Third Middlesex (Sen. Michael Barrett)Laurie Myers
Fourth Middlesex (Sen. Cindy Friedman)Tony Ventresca
Fourth Middlesex (Sen. Cindy Friedman)Helen Hatch
Fifth Middlesex (Sen. Jason Lewis)Robert Aufiero
Fifth Middlesex (Sen. Jason Lewis)Caroline Colarusso
First Middlesex & Norfolk (Cynthia Creem)Tom Mountain
First Middlesex & Norfolk (Cynthia Creem)Susan Huffman
Second Middlesex & Norfolk (Sen. Karen Spilka)Marty Lamb
Second Middlesex & Norfolk (Sen. Karen Spilka)Janet Lembruno
Middlesex & Suffolk (Sen. Sal DiDomenico)Tod Taylor
Middlesex & Suffolk (Sen. Sal DiDomenico)Regina Taylor
Middlesex & Worcester (Sen. Jim Eldridge)Brian Burke
Middlesex & Worcester (Sen. Jim Eldridge)Susan Dunnell
Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexShawn C. Dooley
Norfolk, Bristol & MiddlesexPatricia St. Aubin
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth (Sen. Walter Timilty)Steve Fruzzetti
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth (Sen. Walter Timilty)Colleen Maloney
Norfolk & Plymouth (Sen. John Keenan)Matt Sisk
Norfolk & Plymouth (Sen. John Keenan)Kathleen A. Sullivan-Moran
Norfolk & Suffolk (Sen. Michael Rush)Thomas F. Maloney
Norfolk & Suffolk (Sen. Michael Rush)Lynne Roberts
Plymouth & BarnstableJay McMahon
Plymouth & BarnstableJennifer A. Cunningham
First Plymouth & Bristol (Sen. Marc Pacheco)Mark Townsend
First Plymouth & Bristol (Sen. Marc Pacheco)Kim Palmer
Second Plymouth & Bristol (Sen. Michael Brady)Geoff Diehl
Second Plymouth & Bristol (Sen. Michael Brady)Kathy Jo Boss
Plymouth & Norfolk (Sen. Patrick O'Connor)Dave Collins
Plymouth & Norfolk (Sen. Patrick O'Connor)Janet Fogerty
First Suffolk (Sen. Nick Collins)Dan Kelly
First Suffolk (Sen. Nick Collins)Lori Kelly
Second Suffolk (Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz)Brendan O'Connell
Second Suffolk (Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz)WAITING FOR RESULT OF WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN:
Eleanor Greene vs. Rachel Kemp
First Suffolk & Middlesex (Sen. Joe Boncore)Paul Ronkaitus
First Suffolk & Middlesex (Sen. Joe Boncore)Joyce Kelly
Second Suffolk & Middlesex (Sen. Bill Brownsberger)Steve Aylward
Second Suffolk & Middlesex (Sen. Bill Brownsberger)Debby Dugan
First Worceste (Sen. Harriette Chandler)Patrick J. Crowley
First Worceste (Sen. Harriette Chandler)Kristina M. Spillane
Second Worcester (Sen. Michael Moore)Rep. Paul K. Frost
Second Worcester (Sen. Michael Moore)Mindy J. McKenzie
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex (Sen. Anne Gobi)Michael J. Valanzola
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex (Sen. Anne Gobi)Lindsay A. Valanzola
Worcester & Middlesex (Sen. Dean Tran)Thomas F. Ardinger
Worcester & Middlesex (Sen. Dean Tran)Susan E. Smiley
Worcester & Norfolk (Sen. Ryan Fattman)Ryan Chamberland
Worcester & Norfolk (Sen. Ryan Fattman)Maureen Maloney

3 Replies to “Massachusetts Republican State Committee Election Results – Charlie Baker is the Loser

  1. BB – You did a great service keeping this issue in front of republican voters. I had considered taking a democrat ballot just to down vote Warren, but your information made me change my mind. Thanks!

  2. They told the voters they want to “Drain the swamp”? Well, let’s see if these 8010 candidates that convinced voters to vote for them for this reason are going to keep their promise like President Trump does.

  3. I’m not a registered Republican, but I’m happy that Baker’s phony minions lost in the election. Baker plays go along to get along. His Lt. Governor is busy getting her friends jobs at the state courts. According to the news, Mass has the most scandal ridden state police force in the nation. Mass has one of the lowest ranked children’s services dept. Despite gas taxes and excise taxes, Mass roads are among the worst in the nation still. Also good that faker and divider, Warren dropped out of the Presidential race. She came in 3rd in Mass. If Scotty Brown didn’t go Hollywood and paid some attention to the folks who elected him, then Warren never would have gotten elected. Then we have Markey Vs. Kennedy. An old faker against an extremely unqualified and entitled clown. Hopefully Mass GOP will put up some good candidates this year. Hopefully the new Mass GOP leadership will have tv and radio ads supporting its candidates.

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