You Asked, Yes, We Can Recommend It: Turn on Joe Pags AM1200 Boston

Now that the former Boston-based, now Florida-based Howie Carr has apparently gone all crazy, supporting RINOs, “moderates” (code for Democrats) and such, and spending so much time trying to destroy any conservative (straight, gay, sideways, any color, etc.), folks are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty.


Start by tuning into or streaming AM 1200 out of Boston.

12 – 3 PM: Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show – the follow-on of the Rush Limbaugh show
3 – 6 PM: The Sean Hannity Show:
6 PM – 9 PM: The Joe Pags Show

Instead of listening to Carr or one of his clients (Doughty) beat the hell out of conservatives, today you could have listened to Joe Pags, for example, interview Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Matt Gaetz of Florida – the two leading “rebels” who insisted that bills are given a 72-hour delay for reading to avoid any more Nancy Pelosi’s “you have to pass it, to see what’s in it” type of bills.


Yes, there are MANY alternatives to the political animal Carr. Again, don’t get us wrong, Howie is a great entertainer, has a tremendous memory, but gosh has he become an nasty crank as one writer shared.  So, just poke around. As we’ve received so many comments, we’ll include some national alternatives you can stream in our next edition.  As one person wrote “done. Just done. He’s betrayed everyone – his former friends, anyone as he goes full-bore RINO supporting. Done. Done. F*** DONE!!”


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