MassGOP Treasurer at War with Party Chair ‘Accidentally’ Sends Gun Photo to Chair

JAN. 11, 2023

by Lonnie Brennan

Just in case you didn’t have a good photo of MassGOP Treasurer Patrick Crowley, well, you still don’t have a good photo. But, you do have a copy of the photograph that Crowley, through is attorney Christopher A. Callanan told the courts was sent in error.

Just a coincidence, nothing to see here, move along is essentially what Crowley’s attorney had to say.  Crowley had been sparring with MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons for many months when the photograph, shown below, showed up in Lyons’ e-mail one night. No message. Just the photo of Crowley holding the assault weapon.

Lyons attempted to secure a restraining order against Crowley, but was unsuccessful.  Crowley’s attorney argued in writing that it was just a mistake – that Crowley meant to send the photo to his son who wanted a photo his dad. The adult son resides with Crowley. How it just happened to be sent to Lyons – just a mistake the lawyer claimed.

Quick Recap:  Crowley is being sued by the MassGOP for his actions to disrupt and damage the party from within. According to MassGOP documents produced during the discovery phase of the lawsuit “Crowley testified at his deposition that he coordinated with others including state committee members, to boycott” a state committee meeting which resulted in a two-month delay in approving the annual budget. But, that’s not all that’s been uncovered. In addition to Crowley missing a year of meetings as well as the MassGOP Convention, Crowley worked with a “team” of individuals to disrupt or shut-down MassGOP operations, the MassGOP outlined in various exhibits.

For his part, Crowley asserted in certain e-mails that he had not abandoned his duties – that he was actively working, and that he would respond to e-mail, but not phone calls. Apparently, he sought to have written records of all communications, as he was in the spotlight for his actions (shutting off the bank account access, etc.), the MassGOP exhibits showcase.

Chairman Lyons has detailed the actions of Crowley and others, and has been conducting a series of meetings around the state showcasing some of the challenges brought upon the Republican Party in Massachusetts, from party insiders, who “have lined their own pockets” or taken other actions, with no regard to the MassGOP. Examples of how much funding now-former Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker’s infamous political action committee spent actively supported Democrats against Republican candidates was also discussed at tonight’s meeting. Lyons and former candidates also shared specifics of how party insiders sought to destroy non-Baker candidates.

As for Crowley’s role, Lyons detailed how Crowley had unilaterally placed a hold on all MassGOP funds at a critical time, and took other actions contrary to Mass. laws and common morals.  For his part, Crowley appeared at one of the meetings in Worcester in which he heckled Lyons, saying that what he did wasn’t illegal. Crowley got a bit of apparently unexpected blowback from certain audience members and “left with his tail between his legs” (one audience member related) when Lyons not only refused to back down, but laid it all out there – the actions of “the team,” including Crowley.

We’ll have more info, more exhibits, and various transcripts soon.

Check out our Home page for a schedule of upcoming meetings from Chairman Lyons.


4 Replies to “MassGOP Treasurer at War with Party Chair ‘Accidentally’ Sends Gun Photo to Chair

  1. Many support you Jim and our party is only going to strengthen with the truth coming out with Crowley, Baker and all the other Rino’s in this State! Buckle up Healy is going to weaken and continue to sink this state.
    People need to be involved. Stupendous your dancing around our State to spew the truth!

  2. Sadly this crap has been going on for 30 years at the MassGOP. Jim Lyons has been the only one who has done something about it. The MassGOP has been a financial clearing house for Weld and Romney, who both had Presidential ambitions. Did the party grow during their tenures ? Nope. It’s gone backwards ever since. To blame the current chairman for the failures of 30 years is like Biden blaming Trump for all the illegals crossing the southern border.

  3. Thank you for educating we conservatives. None of we little people knew what was going on. I’m glad I switched to unenrolled. Mass GOP and the national GOP will ever get another dime from my household until things get better.

    1. Deborah, There are no “little people”. In this situation, there are the “insiders” and the “outsiders”. While I understand your decision to unenroll, the MassGOP needs people such as yourself who care about the issues based on reality. With us, it can get better.

      Before the last election, I enrolled in a city that has no active GOP committee despite having a non-functioning web site. The clerk’s office told me there was a committee saying they would send me his info but never did. The state party has no listing of a local committee (!). I got nowhere when I called them. You can’t make this stuff up. Speaking of organizational dysfunction but I remain enrolled. Now it’s time to find out what is going on locally. Wish me luck .
      Take Care!

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