No Winner Declared: MassGOP Caucus to Fill Empty Seat Pivots on “Provisional Ballots” (and Howie Carr Miss-Directs)


After the first two of at least five planned caucus votes swept conservatives into empty seats, the establishment former Charlie Baker wing of the Massachusetts Republican Party apparently was determined not to lose three in a row, so they pulled out the big guns: Howie Carr, Sheriff Tom Hodgson, and others, all of whom had certain messages for would-be voters, to convince them to vote for the anti-Trump, anti-conservative wing of the MassGOP. Go figure, right!

The vote, held Tuesday night, April 11, 2023, was 29-26 with a non-Trump-supporting, non-Geoff Diehl-supporting candidate besting a Tea Party conservative to fill an empty seat on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee (the 80-member governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts)

However, a winner was not declared.

Five additional votes were not tallied at the caucus, so a winner announcement must wait. Instead, these five votes were marked “provisional” and “sealed” – not to be considered until the JUNE meeting of the MassGOP State Committee, because the MassGOP was unable to confirm that those five votes, all presumably for the conservative and against the Baker Democrat faction of the Republican Party, came from actual members of local Republican Town committees. (Someone goofed on the rolls?)

“That’s not the worse of it,” one attendee shared. “Patrick [the conservative] had three folks who showed up late. They set the caucus down in Canton at the Irish center, and an older couple got lost along the way and showed up late – the place was out-of-district, no, before you ask, I have no idea why they would pick a place out of district. Nice place, but bad move. And, this couple arrived while the caucus was still going on, but the balloting was done, and so  they were denied the vote.”

The caucus to fill the abandoned seat was posted to run from 7 – 9 p.m., and some attendees took that to mean that speeches and such would occur, and then the voting would occur, and votes would continue essentially until the “polls closed.”  But, that’s not the way it worked out: the room was apparently booked from 6 – 9ish, with speeches kicking off around 7, and by 8 or so, things were pretty much all done.

The caucus results will be addressed at the June meeting. It’s unclear who has the “sealed” five votes nor how they will maintain the chain of custody.


Former Boston-based radio host Howie Carr pushed out a lot of messages to would-be voters in the district, coming in the form of text messages and voice messages. Apparently Howie miss-stepped, identifying the liberal Baker guy as a Trump supporter, and in his voice messages stating that his ad was paid for by that liberal guy. Apparently when asked, the liberal guy, a nice guy, just more of an establishment Baker-boy than a Trump supporter told one attendee he had “no idea” who paid for the ads, he had no contact with Howie Carr, nor any idea about the robocalls until folks starting asking him about them.

Howie’s buddy, former political animal Sheriff Tom Hodgson, the guy who, along with Howie jumped ship and threw all their support to newcomer millionaire Gov. candidate Chris ‘I voted for Hillary Clinton” Doughty – who lost huge to Geoff Diehl, also made robo calls. Source of funding? Unknown at this time.

Ah, but details, just details. Calling an anti-Trumper a Trumper? Seems par for the course in politics today. Some simply speculated that Carr probably just reads a script from whoever pays him, with little to no knowledge of the accuracy of the words. In either case, Howie’s words apparently swayed several fence-sitters who were clued in after the vote – too late to make a difference.

BONUS: We’ll probably print in our next edition certain promises made by a certain state committee member who was offering dinners at a rather expensive grill should certain votes fall certain ways (to the establishment/more liberal guy).  Lots of webs here to get into at some point soon. We call this bribery, right?


Meanwhile, the day following the caucus vote, new chair Amy Carnevale issued this statement in an e-mail soliciting funds for the MassGOP:

Dear Friend,

As a lifelong Republican, I’m proud to serve as Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party. During my campaign, I promised to return the party to a properly functioning organization that can support our candidates up and down the ticket. Over the past few years, there have been many reports of dysfunction and poor management at the Party, but under my watch, that has ended.

We’re currently in the process of rebuilding the Party to compete at all levels. That means recruiting candidates for state and federal office, registering more voters, and supporting our legislative leaders on Beacon Hill but we can’t do it without you.

You’ve supported the Party in the past and I hope you’ll consider doing the same today.

Together, we will ensure that our candidates and legislative leaders have the resources necessary to be successful in Massachusetts.



Amy Carnevale
Massachusetts Republican Party


2 Replies to “No Winner Declared: MassGOP Caucus to Fill Empty Seat Pivots on “Provisional Ballots” (and Howie Carr Miss-Directs)

  1. I see Turtleboy Tom, or “Face” as we like to call him, was at this botched caucus in a photo with the “sealed box.” Meanwhile, their are reports of an upcoming Tranny Caucus in the South Shore to replace the guy who thinks he’s a chick said to be resigning. Zim/Zem voted against Chairman Lyons. Naturally!

  2. Word is Sheriff Tom wants to chair the Trump 2024 Campaign again for Mass. NOPE! He did NOTHING for our Real President then, it was the grassroots Trump Savages across the state carrying our President’s water with standouts and flag waves everywhere. And we’re gonna do it again to help him win the Primary. Yup! Word has already been sent to Mar-A-Lago for replace him with Real America First Republicans. Trump just ReTruthed again TODAY his 41 point Massachusetts Primary lead over Governor Ron. Meanwhile, OCPF reports show the MassGOP had a negative -$123.00 balance in their bank account 0n 3/31/24. WTF!

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