A few words about former Sheriff Tom Hodgson and Endorsements


SUNDAY, FEB. 11, 2024

by Lonnie Brennan

There have been some nasty e-mails going around, falsely accusing one candidate of this, another candidate of that.

Here’s the truth:

Former Mass. Sheriff Tom Hodgson was recorded at a well-attended meeting this year on video and posted here on the Broadside website and elsewhere, as stating that he was NOT ENDORSING any candidates for Republican State Committee. He was staying out of the local races and focusing on his push to work on the Trump presidential race.

Just one problem: the sheriff HAD endorsed his friend and long-serving state committee member.

The Broadside posted the Sheriff’s video from this year where he said he will not endorse any state committee candidate, alongside his endorsement of one of the candidates (which appears on her website). We asked: what is the truth?

This of course, prompted a phone call with the sheriff.

The sheriff said, and I quote: “I forgot I had endorsed her last year, months ago, and I can’t go and take an endorsement back now.” He explained how he was between a rock and a hard place. Was not going to endorse any of the other remaining 135 candidates on the ballot. He made a mistake. It happens.

SO kiddies, there was no error on the part of the internet, no error on the part of the note we published. The sheriff said he made a mistake, forgot about his endorsement, and so we took down the video and the endorsement which made him look like Biden.

That’s it. Done. Over. But, the endorsed candidate put out an e-mail this afternoon (Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024), claiming that one of her opponents was playing dirty regarding this miraculous endorsement.

Until today, one could argue that the only person who screwed up here was Sheriff Hodgson. And, he has apologized for his error, and everyone knows it, just has he has honorably apologized for other political missteps. It happens. We had thought the endorsed candidate understood this, as it was explained to her. But, nope, she put out a nasty Super Bowl Sunday e-mail digging this again.

My personal suggestion to everyone: do what we did – give Hodgson a mulligan, and keep golfing. Focus on the big picture, and stop trying to get votes or take away votes from other candidates based on either our post, or Hodgson’s missteps.

For the record, there are three candidates running in this race. The Broadside endorses and supports the election of Lynne Santangelo, not the candidate who Hodgson “forgot” he endorsed and he can’t take back that endorsement, or he would look stupid, like Biden…

Best of luck to all, but again, we urge you to vote on March 5th for Donald J. Trump and then go down the ballot and find and vote for Lynne Santangelo to represent Republicans in these towns:

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