Mass. State Committee Candidate Beth Lindstrom Fails to Get Hometown Endorsement


Mass. State Committee Candidate Beth Lindstrom Fails to Get Hometown Endorsement

The Groton Republican Town Committee (GRTC) unanimously ditched Beth Lindstrom in favor of Kathleen (Kathy) Lynch for Republican State Committeewoman endorsement.

According to GRTC members, Beth Lindstrom hasn’t been at her hometown’s Republican Town Committee in years and indicated through a text to the committee’s secretary that she wasn’t even interested in being on the March 5th Presidential Primary ballot as a Town Committee member.

Her opponent Kathy Lynch was bothered by that fact saying, “Beth is running for a position to lead Republican Town Committees in her district and she hasn’t even been to her own committee meetings! And it’s not just the GRTC. I have been campaigning at every town and city committee in the district that holds regularly scheduled meetings. Beth hasn’t been to any of them.”

Greg Baran, a member of the GRTC wrote in a published endorsement letter for Kathy Lynch: “We have never seen her [Beth] at our meetings except in 2018 when she wanted our vote for a failed Senate run where she picked up a measly 17% of the vote.”  [According to the Federal Elections Commission, Lindstrom spent $1,621,186.53 to achieve that drumming at the polls.]

Carrie Kneeland, a former chairwoman of the GRTC and another endorser of Kathy Lynch for Republican State Committeewoman, wrote in a published letter: “Lindstrom is an out-of-touch Charlie Baker supporter with no regard for the needs of conservative Republican voters.“ Carrie was alluding to Governor Baker’s growing unpopularity in Republican circles because of his overt opposition to President Trump, his anti-life stance, and his coziness with Democrats to name a few reasons.

Brian Genest, a Republican State Committee member published an article recalling Beth Lindstrom’s performance at a meeting when she was running for U.S. Senate. He wrote: “First Beth Lindstrom told that group of conservative Republicans that she was in favor of abortion. Then, Beth Lindstrom told them she was in favor of gun control. If that wasn’t enough proof that she was out of touch with her audience, Beth Lindstrom told them, repeatedly, that she worked as an undersecretary for former Gov. Mitt Romney. The third time Beth Lindstrom mentioned it, someone in the group shouted out, ‘Why do you keep saying that? No one here can stand Mitt Romney.’”

Kathy Lynch’s politics appear to be the polar opposite of Beth Lindstrom’s. Kathy is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and not a fan of former governors Baker and Romney. Learn more about Kathy at Strangely, Beth Lindstrom has no campaign website leading some to wonder why she would be so secretive about her campaign, depriving voters of getting to know her.

Lynch and Lindstrom are both running for Republican State Committeewoman in the Worcester and Middlesex District which includes Groton, Westford, Leominster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Townsend, Clinton, Lancaster, Shirley, and Ashby. The Presidential Primary election is March 5th with mail and early voting available through Town or City Hall.


The Broadside recommends that voters support the re-election of Kathy Lynch.,


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