Mass. Republicans Enable Democrats, Again: Voter Integrity Lost Forever in Mass., Because of Republicans

by Brian Camenker


Republicans have watched in horror at the massive institutionalized voting fraud that overturned the 2020 elections across the country – and most recently in Maricopa County, Arizona, and other places during the mid-term elections. But look no further than Massachusetts for a system that’s now so corrupt that Republicans or conservatives will never win any statewide or Congressional elections again. And the Massachusetts GOP lawmakers (like their counterparts in D.C.) are too cowardly (or too stupid) to fight back.

The Democrats in Massachusetts have always worked hard to cheat in elections, but for years they could only do it on a small scale. They could install their hacks in local election offices to manipulate the counts. They could register thousands of out-of-district college students to vote, who then would be gone by the time anyone caught on. They could bus people from town to town on election day to take advantage of lax voter-id practices to cast “provisional” votes.

Then, a few years ago, they got bold. Using the false argument that large numbers of people were being denied the ability to vote, the Democrat legislature began to radically change the election laws. In 2016 they instituted early voting, which greatly aids a number of fraudulent activities. Then they tied driver’s license renewal to automatic voter registration, which enormously expands the number of disinterested voters who could unknowingly vote. Then they used COVID to “temporarily” institute mail-in voting – the crown jewel of voter fraud – that allows the creation of vast numbers of phony votes through numerous methods. This past year they made mail-in voting permanent.

It worked perfectly. In the Nov. 8, 2022 general election, the “voting results” were staggering.

  • Since 1962, the Left had tried six times to pass a graduated “millionaires” income tax. Each time it failed, by an average of about 70-30 percent. This time it miraculously “sailed through” by 52-48.
  • After the legislature passed a law giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, people across the state overwhelmingly signed petitions for the referendum to repeal it. In eight weeks they easily got 100,000 signatures, well over twice the number needed. It seemed like a tidal wave. Yet strangely, the repeal failed the “vote” by 54-46 percent.
  • Republicans overwhelmingly “lost” every statewide race and every Congressional race. Most notably, the Democrats ran Andrea Campbell, a radical Soros-like leftist who an anti-police campaign to end “mass incarceration” and “eliminate cash bail.” Republican Jay McMahon was a solid attorney who campaigned on upholding all our laws. Campbell “swept” McMahon 62-37.
  • Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County was so popular he hadn’t been challenged since 2010, when he won by 10 points. This time, lunatic far-left former state rep ran and beat him by 51-49.
  • Rep Lenny Mirra had barely won his race to a Democrat newcomer by 10 votes. Then they “found” 11 votes that came in late – in the Democrat’s favor, so he lost by 1.

This is a criminal operation, and as the Democrats hone their practice it will only get worse. The elections are so clearly and thoroughly rigged that there will soon be no reason to even run Republican candidates.

We must fight back.

Our organization, MassResistance, decided that there needs to be a huge, sustained public outcry that no one has seen before. People across the state need to be in the Democrats’ faces and confronting their allies in the media. In order to do that, we wanted to have a current bill in the Legislature to point to, that would repeal these bad election laws.

Every two years there’s a 2 1/2-week window in January for submitting new bills in the Massachusetts legislature. That window ended on January 20. As the clock ticked down, we saw that none of the 29 GOP legislators had filed such a bill. So we wrote a bill that would:

(1) repeal early voting,
(2) repeal automatic driver’s
license voter registration,
(3) repeal mail-in voting, and
(4) require voter-ID at the polls.

All we needed was one Republican to file it – a very simple task – by 5 pm on January 20.

We repeatedly phoned and emailed all of the GOP State Representatives and Senators. None of them would do it. Many refused to even respond, though we kept trying. We heard all kinds of excuses. Several said they won’t file it because “it would never pass.” Rep. Jay Barrows said it’s “not in his legislative priorities.” A few Reps filed bills to require voter ID, but ignored everything else. Sen. Bruce Tarr actually filed a bill to require the state to fully fund early voting!

Rep. Lenny Mirra, who lost by 1 vote, was particularly pathetic. He told the Boston Globe that in his election, “Some [ballots] were filled out in pencil, some were filled out with different colored ink, some had stray marks. Some had a name written in the write-in and then an oval filled out.” But he said that those were just “mistakes” and he didn’t want to be “accused of fanning conspiracy theories about rigged elections.” What a weakling. He deserves to get tossed out.

The bottom line is that unlike the Democrats, the Republican legislators in Massachusetts have become cowards and sellouts. In numbers, they’re probably at the lowest point in history – and it will surely get lower. None of that pitiful bunch are worth supporting again for anything  ♦.



Feel free to call their offices, day after day after day, and best of luck. You might not even get an answer they are so bad.

Office phone     Email
F. Jay Barrows   (617) 722-2100
Donald Berthiaume   (617) 722-2090
Nicholas Boldyga   (617) 722-2810
David DeCoste   (617) 722-2460
Angelo D’Emilia   (617) 722-2488 Angelo.D’
Peter Durant   (617) 722-2060
Kimberly Ferguson  (617) 722-2100
Paul Frost  (617) 722-2489
Susan Gifford  (617) 722-2100
Steven Howitt  (617) 722-2305
Bradley Jones  (617) 722-2100
Hannah Kane  (617) 722-2810
Marc Lombardo  (617) 722-2460
Joseph McKenna  (617) 722-2810
Lenny Mirra  (617) 722-2488
David Muradian  (617) 722-2240
Mathew Muratore  (617) 722-2488
Norman Orrall  (617) 722-2090
Kelly Pease  (617) 722-2060
Todd Smola  (617) 722-2100
Michael Soter  (617) 722-2305
Alyson Sullivan-Almeida  (617) 722-2305
Marcus Vaughn  (617) 722-2000 x7307
David Vieira  (617) 722-2230
Donald Wong  (617) 722-2488
Steven Xiarhos  (617) 722-2014
Sen. Ryan Fattman  (617) 722-1420
Sen. Patrick O’Connor  (617) 722-1646
Sen. Bruce Tarr  (617) 722-1600

2 Replies to “Mass. Republicans Enable Democrats, Again: Voter Integrity Lost Forever in Mass., Because of Republicans

  1. Great article Brian!!
    Praying for our Nation and our State, especially our State!!

    It will take a miracle but our God is in the business of miracles!
    Praying for our God to display his power in revival across this state especially in April!
    Glory to God.

  2. It is no surprise that Camenker provides zero evidence that Democrats have been rigging elections for years. Writing that Democrats install their hacks in local election boards so they can manipulate elections is not evidence. Camenker can not deal with the fact that the people of Massachusetts reject far right wing lunatics who share Camenkers narrow minded views.

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