Bring Back Common Sense – Push Back This Dark Agenda

by Maria Pia Perez

It’s time we bring back common sense. Our country is on the verge of collapse due to leftist policies. It’s time we galvanize voters to go to the polls and vote Republican. We are at a crossroads in the country, and we need to go back to the basics and back to our Founding Father’s ideals.

George Washington’s farewell address was prophetic in describing the three sources of peril to liberty and the American republic that are as relevant now as they were then. They are the failure of citizens to be well-informed, internal division because of party factions in hyper-partisanship, and the decline of religious obligations in national morality.

Thomas Jefferson also spoke prophetically about our times when he stated, “in these days of worldwide confusion, there is a dire need for men and women who will courageously do battle for truth.” Common sense and truth are missing in the public square.

History is repeating itself.

Even now, global elites aim to transform America and realize the New World Order. These individuals have a multifaceted agenda to depopulate, increase mass migration, de-Christianize the West, end national sovereignty and autonomy, the radical reduction of privacy, transform the natural free-market system into a contrived stakeholder system imposing centralized political control based on environmental, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and subjective governance variables – a kind of socialism through the back door.

Numerous characters are pushing this agenda. These include the CCP, the United Nations World Health Organization run by Mr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the World Economic Forum, whose founder, Klaus Schwab has recruited and organized many high-ranking government officials like the prime ministers from France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The World Economic Forum also has a market capitalization of top corporate leaders, such as Apple, Amazon, Comcast, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Pfizer, Black Rock founder and CEO Larry Fink, and many in the American government.

We are in a fight for the life of our nation. There is a woke agenda that is trying to destroy the American people’s connection to their heritage through anti-American indoctrination in schools, tearing down and defacing our historical monuments and statues, destroying the First Amendment through cancel culture, and mass censorship, politicizing the judiciary and destroying the separation of powers. Foundational institutions of American society – the family, educational institutions, manners, civility, respect for law and order, and merit-based outcomes are under attack. What will you do to join the Resistance?

As a woman running for the 3rd Essex Senate District seat on the Mass. Republican State Committee, which represents Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn, Lynnfield, Nahant, and Saugus, it is my moral obligation to push back this dark agenda and to bring common sense and truth back to the public square.♦


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