MassGOP State Committee State Committee Member Shows Her Pride, Then Resigns

Notes between printed editions:

MassGOP chair Amy Carnevale shared the following. This comes on the heels the recent State Committee rumble meeting- the worst witnessed in decades:

State Committeewoman and Framingham City Council Member Janet Leombruno submitted a letter of resignation to me effective immediately so she may focus more fully on her duties to the City of Framingham.
Please join me in thanking Janet for her many years of service to our committee and her continued services as a locally elected official. Winning seats at the local level is more important than ever to bring balance to government.
A caucus to fill the Committeewoman seat in the Second Middlesex and Norfolk will be held in accordance with our party by-laws.

One Reply to “MassGOP State Committee State Committee Member Shows Her Pride, Then Resigns

  1. She resigned knowing that she will be defeated for reelection to the MassGOP Republican State Committee by a motivated Operation ‘RINO Cutters Project’ trained MAGA Candidate. Recall that Janet was on the organizing committee for a fundraiser promoting a Democrat-Socialist candidate for Mayor in her city. It’s against the State’s conflict of interest law for state or municipal employees to actively fundraise for political candidates or causes. She was targeted for defeat by us early and knows it. Message to all the rest of her ilk on the State Committee: You are all targeted for defeat on Super Tuesday March 5th, 2024. Save yourselves the embarrassment and expense of losing. Quit or retire now. Patriots, you can help us defeat these RINOS. Follow us and subscribe to our FREE campaign emails below. MAGA/KAG!

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