Battle Brewing to Unseat Jim Lyons and Push the MassGOP to the Far Left

Battle Brewing to Unseat Jim Lyons
and Push the MassGOP to the Far Left

Conservatives Owe Jim Lyons a Lot

by Brian Camenker

In early January the Massachusetts GOP State Committee will meet to take a vote that could radically change the direction of the Party and squash its conservative and anti-Leftist character.

The Mass. GOP would no longer be a force against the political and moral degeneracy of the Democrats. It will revert back to being a politely less offensive version of its opposition. As in the recent past, there will be no place in the Party for actual conservatives.

The vote this January is whether to re-elect Jim Lyons as chairman. Jim is the only conservative to lead the Mass. GOP since 1997. He was elected in 2019 and re-elected in 2021. But this time, the RINOS and slimy “moderates” are conducting a vile, scorched-earth policy to defeat him, and replace him with one of their own.

Lyons is well-hated by the RINO establishment because he represents the mainstream of the Republican Party. He supports President Trump. He is unapologetically pro-life. He believes in the rule of law. He does not back down to the woke lunacy of the Democrats.

But Lyons’ real sin in the eyes of the RINOS is not kowtowing to the radical homosexual agenda, which has sadly infested the Republican Party. This drives them crazy.

Earlier this year, State Committeewoman Debbie Martell made a disparaging remark in a private email about two homosexual men adopting young children. When it became public, you would think that a bomb had gone off at a GOP country club.

There were immediate demands that Jim condemn Debbie. He refused, saying that the GOP stood for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. In response, every Republican State Rep. but one signed an absurd letter calling for Jim’s resignation, and stating that support for homosexuality in the GOP is the same as being against slavery during the Civil War! Soon afterwards, the seven previous (RINO) Mass. GOP chairmen signed a similar letter demanding that Jim resign. The Boston Herald published a flaming editorial calling for his resignation. And of course, Gov. Charlie Baker also demanded it. The pro-LGBT outrage in the GOP establishment was breathtaking. But Jim held firm.

Make no mistake. If Jim loses this election, the Mass. GOP will become the Party of homosexuality and abortion “rights.” And woe to any parents who don’t want it promoted in their children’s schools. Plus, that poisonous surrender mentality will trickle down to everything else “woke.” Basically, there will be two Democrat parties in this state.

The anti-Lyons campaign is well-coordinated to portray Lyons as a terrible chairman. There have been numerous attack articles placed in the Globe and Herald. A barrage of emails to GOP activists from phony groups like “Bay State Republicans.” A lot of the accusations seem contrived and frivolous. It appears that the Baker organization is heavily involved. Even Howie Carr, who now lives in Florida and lately supports only “moderate” Mass. Republicans like Anthony Amore and Chris Doughty, has jumped on the anti-Lyons bandwagon.

But let’s look at the facts.

Right before Jim became chairman, the state GOP was, in many peoples’ opinions, basically a criminal enterprise.

The Party finances seemed to be used as a Baker slush fund. Baker’s donors could legally donate enormous amounts to the state Party. According to reports, it mostly funded Charlie Baker’s campaign and rarely helped other candidates. But there were a lot of expensive consultants and steak dinners at downtown restaurants. When Jim came in, they had pulled it all out, and he inherited a financial mess.

When conservative Mark Fisher ran for governor in 2014, the GOP announced that he did not have enough convention votes to get on the ballot. That was a lie. A video replay of the voting revealed he had the votes, and Mark subsequently won a court settlement from the Mass. GOP.

Former Party Chairman Kirsten Hughes, who preceded Jim, was openly pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion, and got along great with Leftists. That’s the face of the GOP that they want to bring back.

Jim’s been accused of two major things. First, they say he hasn’t raised enough money. That’s because of a systematic establishment effort to starve the Party of funds. Among other things, the governor can threaten Republican donors against giving to the Party. It’s easy to do because many big donors don’t want any wrath of state government on their businesses.

The second is that Jim didn’t get new people elected to office, especially this year. Of course, neither did any other chairman in the last 20 years, to any extent. But now, with the implementation of mail-in ballots, driver’s license registration, extended voting times, etc., the Left’s massive organized voting fraud efforts make it nearly impossible to win any new seats. Let’s be honest: No Mass. GOP chairman can overcome that.

Jim’s been accused of having a prickly personality, combative, and very thin skin. That’s true. I wish he’d try to fix that. But he is also a tireless worker. He is everywhere – at a million events – and constantly getting the GOP message out.

Jim Lyons believes that the GOP has a better message for the average voter than the Democrats – and that we will be more successful in the long run promoting that message instead of compromising with the Left. I think he’s right.

It’s going to be a tough vote. The State Committee has traditionally attracted a lot of state employees and other opportunists, and fewer people who serve on principle. That’s why the Mass. GOP has been a vehicle for the RINOs to get power rather than to do anything useful. But the last two elections, the conservatives somehow managed to cobble together a majority. This time, the RINO establishment is working tirelessly to take back their power and reverse everything. We must stop them!

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