36th Wedding Anniversary: In a rainstorm, supporting Ashley Sullivan and Jeff Yull

ORIGINALLY SENT AS AN E-MAIL TO BOSTON BROADSIDE E-MAIL SUBSCRIBERS by Lonnie Brennan ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2023 regarding fundraising/social event in Rowley, Mass.


The weather turned foul but the room sure filled!

 Earlier tonight, Republican State Committee Candidates Ashley Sullivan and Jeff Yull ran a combined fundraiser at a great venue in Rowley, Mass.

 For my bride Dianne and I, it was a sweet way to spend our 36th wedding anniversary (and yes, the kids were texting us throughout the event – couldn’t believe were at a political function -but we explained our time will come later this week…)

So, back to Ashley and Jeff: What made the evening so nice? Certainly not the snow, and then certainly not the rain, but rather the friendly atmosphere in a wedding-venue barn that was filled with members and chairs of many local Republican town committees, and many notables, including other candidates for state committee including: Maria Perez running out of Lynn, Mass. against party chair Amy Carneval, Geoff Diehl running for re-election, Marcy McCauley running a tough race for State Committee in the WAKEFIELD, MELROSE, MALDEN, STONEHAM, READING, and part of WINCHESTER district.


The event featured outgoing state committeeman Rich Baker and state committeewoman Amanda Orlando, and kind words from Geoff Diehl who gave the upbeat keynote address.

Donate early, donate often, but if you want, as JEFF YULL keyed the phrase “to make the Republican Party relevant again in Massachusetts,” please contribute:


A few photos below:

Jeff Yull and Ashley Sullivan

Front part of the barn

Jeff Yull and Ashley Sullivan

Geoff Diehl addressing the crowd – upbeat keynote speech

Amanda Orland and Richard Baker recapping the accomplishments of Ashley and Jeff, discussing the issues, the territory, the need for working together and growth.


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