EXPOSING AND FIGHTING BACK AGAINST Baker’s Planned Destruction of the MassGOP


Above graphic from 2019 article:

Baker’s Planned Destruction of the MassGOP


by Lonnie Brennan

If you waste 98% of the funds you raise on rent, parking, parties, salaries, perks, supporting one candidate only, and funneling incredible sums into private enterprises created by MassGOP employees and their friends, have you committed fraud? And does your fundraising ability really matter?

Those are just a couple of questions before Republicans statewide and the Republican State Committee – the governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts – as we ponder the long slow slide of the Republican Party.

For years, Charlie Baker and his liberal, Democrat-enabling actions and supporters helped to undermine/neuter the Republican Party. Their seemingly daily vitriol against President Donald J. Trump, their public praise and hugs of tax-raising, baby-killing, middle-class burdening Democrats, and their planned failure to give support to and publicly endorse Republicans against sitting liberal extremist Democrats, slowly pulled the party into the ground.

Then everything changed. A few years ago, the surprise election of Jim Lyons as party chair brought the gravy train to an ear-splitting, screeching halt.

Lyons miraculously edged out popular sitting Rep. Shawn Dooley in a razor-thin election. Dooley went on to become the public face of Republicans promoting driver’s license benefits for illegal aliens. Yes, Dooley is a huge Baker toady.

For Baker’s part, stunned by the loss of control over the MassGOP gravy train, he and his aides silently declared war on Republicans. They starved the MassGOP of funding. They created their own political action committee, the so-called Baker PAC, which went on to do everything possible to support only liberal extremist Republicans, or those who would pledge allegiance to Baker, or Democrats. The PAC even spent tens of thousands to defeat a conservative Black Republican state representative candidate, instead funneling money to his liberal Democrat opponent. But that’s just the beginning.

Since Lyons took the chairmanship, he’s been dogged at every corner, like a bear attacked by a pack of hounds.

Financially, Lyons had to engage lawyers to wrestle the MassGOP’s fundraising database access away from Baker operatives who locked the MassGOP out of its own database. Fast forward a bit, the Baker clan set out to ensure Lyon’s future demise, spending hundreds of thousands on lawyers and others to reverse the sitting of one State Committee member. Their efforts failed as Lyons’ investigations proved that fraud, including mail-fraud, was committed by various parties (one of multiple lawsuits now in the deposition phase).

But it always gets worse, doesn’t it? This election year, Lyons saw Baker siphoning all money away from Republicans and Lyons had to bring legal battle to bear against the party’s treasurer who attempted to lock-out the party bank account to cripple the party from within (another lawsuit is ongoing).

Meanwhile, other Baker operatives are now embroiled in civil and criminal lawsuits which, when placed under the glaring eyes of lawyers during sworn depositions have revealed their complicity to feed false narratives to various candidates and to the news media to defame Lyons and further weaken the non-Baker wing of the Republican Party.

Lyons, for his part, has sought full transparency of these actions, and as the Baker-clan unites now to oust him from the chair position, Lyons is going public. He’s scheduled a series of meetings across the state (see listing below) in which he will share the “intentional destruction of the MassGOP” as well as review the problems of the MassGOP and the plans to move forward.

All scheduled at 6:30 p.m.:

1/9: WORCESTER, 765 West Boylston St, 2nd Floor, Worcester (above Dunkin’ on Rt 12, West Boylston Street in the Greendale section of Worcester)

1/10: ATTLEBORO, Grace Baptist Church, 1000 Oakhill Ave.

1/11: FITCHBURG, Fitchburg British American, 1 Simonds Rd.

1/12: STURBRIDGE, Sturbridge Senior Center, 480 Main St.

1/16: HANSON, Boss Academy,
782 Main St.

1/17: SOMERSET, Somerset Masonic Temple, 145 Pleasant St.

1/18: HAVERHILL, Roma Rest., 29 Middlesex St.

Mezza Luna Rest. 253 Main St.

1/23: MILFORD, Italian Vets,
4 Hayward Field

Check out for updates/changes and periodic posting of additional details from various court documents, depositions, and legal exhibits moving forward.  ♦


2 Replies to “EXPOSING AND FIGHTING BACK AGAINST Baker’s Planned Destruction of the MassGOP

  1. These Baker-Rino-Never MAGA scumbags are unreal. Are you saying these worthless fecal bag liberals are on your Central Committee? How the eff is that even possible? In any other state I would assume this article to be a work of Democrat fake news fiction. Sadly, I know it’s not. New Hampshire awaits you.

  2. Of course this is true, I’ve witnessed it. I lived it, and this group of disgraceful people are not worthy to hold office.

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