An Open Letter to MassGOP Wannabe Leaders

An Open Letter to MassGOP Wannabe Leaders

Katalin Hajdu Egri
Chairwoman, Carlisle RTC

On November 8th the Democrats gained supermajority again in both the House and Senate for the 193rd General Court of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The MassGOP chairman was called to resign for his “extremely conservative” views that allegedly made the Party to suffer this loss. According to State Committeewoman Amy Carnevale of Marblehead, the Party “can encompass a diverse point of view” and as she said the defeat “could be traced to lack of funding, manpower and competency.” The vice chairman of the Party, Jay Fleitman, demanded that the “committee work for all its members and the party for all tribes across the state.”

These two prominent members of the Massachusetts Republican Party would like to see us turn back to the “moderate establishment” from the “right-wing faction.” Let’s see some “extreme” views that brought the Party to the brink of the Legislature.

In 2018, then Representative Jim Lyons fought tooth and nail to impeach the then and still officeholder Judge Feeley of the Salem Massachusetts Superior Court who was determined to let a heroin-dealer back on the street. “[T]here are two classes of citizens in Massachusetts: there are non-citizens and citizens,” said Judge Feeley. Setting aside the fact that the Bay State spends around two billion dollars per year in public assistance on “undocumented” immigrants, Jim Lyons’ effort was unsuccessful because the “moderate establishment” of the Republican Party did not care much about it. Were they secretly working with Democrats, as the present Senate minority leader does to keep his remaining power in the Legislature? Is this one of the “diverse points” that the Massachusetts Republican Party should embrace?

There already IS a Party that chooses illegals over citizens, and it is called the Democrat Party.

As an advocate of the traditional family idea, Mr. Lyons fought against the infamous “bathroom bill” in 2015. Of course, this bill wasn’t “only” about the bathroom and locker rooms, but it is about where this leads us. Jim Lyons understood what danger lay in this idiotic ideology and what would it mean for us in the future. At that time, it might not even have crossed his mind that we would have a transgender assistant secretary of health who is a 4-star admiral and thus make our country a laughingstock in the eyes of the world. Now the White House expects us to believe that if a biological male wears a skirt, then he is a woman. As a result of this, now, our new admiral advises children and teenagers of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In 2019 Jim Lyons opposed adding a third, gender-neutral option to the Massachusetts driver’s license. It was too much for the Democrats, and they poured their money into his opponent’s campaign. They managed to punish him, and us, too, by electing a representative in the commonwealth of Massachusetts who is one of the phoniest fake airheads on Beacon Hill. I personally witnessed her “abilities.” As we now can see, the little “X” on the driver’s license does not just exist by itself, this pandemic of mental illness is everywhere: It has infected the military, health care, education, etc.

Is this the “tribe” that the Party should work for while confusing countless teenagers and empower their “transition” to have them castrated, mutilated, and ruin their bodies for the rest of their lives? Should the other “diverse point” of the Republican Party in Massachusetts be teaching pornography and/or sex-ed in elementary school?

There already IS a Party to do everything it can to destroy the nuclear family, it is called the Democrat Party.

Is Jim Lyons’s greatest guilt in the eyes of Ms. Carnevale and Mr. Fleitman that he wants to keep alive a newborn baby and doesn’t want me to pay for somebody else’s abortion? I hope Mr. Fleitman and Ms. Carnevale are not against informing parents of their minors’ pregnancy, since they have to get their permission to visit a tanning salon. Hopefully, they are good parents and they want to be there when their child is in trouble.


Massachusetts has the highest per capita number of academics, intellectuals, and colleges. And in front of our eyes we saw these places get infested by educators, professors, psychologists, etc., who promote totalitarian fascist ideologies under various names such as, Marxism, socialism, you-name-the-ism, etc. in every educational institute at every level. Look at the results. We let at least one generation be the enemy of their parents and the enemy of everything on which this country was founded. They, the gang of the Democrat Party, has already done that through education; just remember our still current speaker of the House who wanted – “to capture kids when they’re in high school.” This ideology not only ruined the families but ruined and impoverished every country where this fascist garbage was introduced – while making a few very rich and extremely powerful and at the same time sacrificing us under their golden calf. And they, the Democrats, want to abolish Jim Lyons’ “extreme views.” The Republicans should reject this.


I am not a Christian, I am Jewish, and I voted Republican from the bottom to the top on the ballot. Surely, I am not the only non-Christian conservative who checked all the boxes for Republicans, and if you help us this number will only grow.

In my lifetime this Party will likely stay as a minority in the political wilderness of the commonwealth. Most of us from our generation did not realize in time, and I was among them, where the danger was and where we needed to go against the intentional abolition of this country.

For the sake of our country, we must find a solution to discuss how large the tent of the Republican Party will be and just as importantly where we can find that little opening to hammer our wedge in this stochastic, anarcho-terrorist madness and split it finally apart. I suggest that on this we have an open discussion including you, Ms. Carnevale and Mr. Fleitman, together with other interested committee members from the various RTCs. The Carlisle Committee would be happy to host it.  ♦

The above open letter was edited/revised to remove several sentences which incorrectly attributed a quote to Amy which should have not been attributed to her, but instead a different member of the committee.

2 Replies to “An Open Letter to MassGOP Wannabe Leaders

  1. The Chair of the Carlisle RTC clearly doesn’t understand the political landscape that we have in Massachusetts. This is a Blue state. In fact it’s probably the bluest state in the United States. Clearly we as Republicans would love to live in a Conservative state but unfortunately that’s not reality in Massachusetts. If we want Republicans to get elected in this state they must govern in the middle.

    Jim has tried – held workshops, visited a ton of RTC RCCs but the reality is he has not produced.

    The MassGOP has a staff of 3 people. The MassGOP is basically broke. The buck stops with the Chair of the MassGOP. Just like if he was CEO of a company.

    We need to look at other avenues to take that will grow our party. We can’t continue to lose seats. It’s time to alter our direction for the good of the party. Jim should not seek re-election.

    1. The Mass GOP has been heading steadily downhill for decades, not just since Jim Lyons took over. Put the blame where it belongs; on the heads of RINO weaklings like Charlie Baker, Brad Jones, Bruce Tarr, and other so-called ‘leaders’ of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. They have been in office for years and Republicans have gained absolutely NOTHING.

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