MassGOP Stars & Duds


File this under “NO EXCUSES” for elected leadership to miss all four petitions:


MassGOP Stars & Duds

Who on the Republican State Committee did or didn’t sign crucial statewide ballot initiatives?


by Lonnie Brennan

(with the help of an anonymous star)

It looks like some Republican State Committee members are hard workers, others, more talk than walk.

The MassGOP under Jim Lyons’ leadership promoted four ambitious statewide petition signature drives (a first for the MassGOP). Lyons’ efforts inspired many across the state to stand up and take action. The petitions covered the following:

  1. Voter ID: Ballot initiative to require prospective voters to show a photo ID to vote.
  2. Prevent Birthday Abortions: Ballot initiative to require reasonable steps to be taken to preserve the life of a child born alive. (Can you believe the Democrat Party is against this? They are inhuman!)
  3. Prohibit Illegal Aliens from Getting Driver’s Licenses and Being Auto-Registered to Vote: Referendum to repeal the new law that allowed illegal aliens to receive driver’s licenses – and potentially auto-enrollment in the Democrat Party (Motor/Voter registration).
  4. Prevent a Huge Energy Tax Increase: Ballot initiative to prohibit a transportation and climate initiative (TCI) tax or fee if that would restrict the supply of gas or fuel needed to meet consumer demand.

The signature drives brought many volunteers to come forth and spend long hours on the street, in front of many shops and public areas, engaging with the public, both good and nasty. As for State Committee members, they should have signed all four and then helped organize others in their district to collect more signatures.

Many of the State Committee members signed at least one of the petitions, but of the approximately 80-members of the governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, the following members stand out as Duds because they didn’t bother to sign ANY of the four petitions.


  1. Robin Almgren
  2. Amy Carnevale (now chair
    of the MassGOP)
  3. Mike Case
  4. Ryan Chamberland

5.Caroline Colarusso (The
new Election Integrity Liaison
didn’t even sign the Voter
ID petition)

  1. Will Crocker
  2. Judy Crocker
  3. Jennifer Cunningham
  4. Angela Davis
  5. Elizabeth Hinds-Ferrick
  6. Janet Leombruno (Recently
    handed in her resignation
  7. Colleen Maloney
  8. Mindy McKenzie
  9. Maura Ryan-Ciardiello
  10. Susan Smiley
  11. Timothy Smyth
  12. Kristina Spillane
  13. Patrick Stanton
  14. Nancy Stanton-Cross
  15. Jill Ussach
  16. Lindsey Valanzola
  17. Mike Valanzola

Some people wonder why the MassGOP isn’t doing better. Maybe this notable lack of involvement has something to do with it. This might have been due to pure laziness, disdain for Republican principles, or an attempt to thwart then-Chairman Lyons. Next time you see any of them, ask them why they didn’t sign any of the petitions. Remember, these are the elected officials who are supposed to lead the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Let us now give credit to the Stars who signed all four petitions and in many cases, led others to sign as well.


  1. Robert Aufiero
  2. Richard Baker
  3. Richard Berrena
  4. Jim Dixon
  5. Steve Fruzzetti
  6. Brian Genest
  7. Helen Hatch
  8. Joyce Kelly
  9. Kathy Lynch
  10. Maureen Maloney
  11. John McCarthy
  12. Amanda Orlando
  13. Paul Ronukaitus
  14. Patricia Saint Aubin
  15. Regina Taylor
  16. John Umina
  17. Tony Ventresca

Unfortunately, there are more Duds on the Committee than Stars. The DUDS are the members who are known as establishment RINOs.

Occasionally, people sign a petition but it doesn’t get handed in or a signature gets lost or disqualified for some reason. If you think you signed all four, take it up with the secretary of state.

Ballot petitions are a lot of hard work and largely done by volunteers. Kudos to all those who signed and pitched in.

Of the four petitions, the last one listed above (the “TCI gas tax”) was successful as then Governor Charlie Baker withdrew his support of the increase in taxes in the face of skyrocketing fuel costs and massive opposition to his leftist agenda.


As a side note: Yes, there is at least one name above who, despite shining as a Star on the petition drives, has gone on to vote nearly lock-step with the Duds.

In the March 2024 presidential primary, vote out the Republican duds. Keep the Stars, and increase their number!   ♦

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