FRAUD CANDIDATE Jon Fetherston Called Out by Forum Moderator, Other candidates summarized here

by Lonnie Brennan

The Chairwoman of the Carlisle Republican Town Committee was very detailed, administering a 2 1/2 hour marathon MassGOP candidate forum which gave everyone plenty of time to know what each candidate was about.  For example, people learned the following:

  • Elizabeth Childs and John Fetherson don’t know if there was fraud in the 2020 Trump election
  • Amy Carnevale, the favorite of the RINO group on the MassGOP, “had a timing conflict” so she was unable to attend. But, her pitbull Jon ‘the fraud candidate’ Fetherson showed up and took whacks at the incumbent Jim Lyons on her behalf (more on that in a bit).
  • Elizabeth Childs wants to return to the “Big Tent” that the MassGOP embraced back in 2006 – the tent, however, excluded conservatives, embraced liberals, and had no room for gun owners. I remember drawing a picture on the whiteboard in a conference room of the MassGOP headquarters showing a big tent, with the Christians, gun owners, pro-life, and others all left outside the tent – pushed out in the rain. And not ONE member of the MassGOP crew at the time disagreed with my argument about what they have done with their so-called “Big Tent.” It was a rouse to make conservatives compliant. It resulted in many races being lost. Childs, apparently doesn’t understand the code-word, or else does. Either way, very problematic. Sad. She seemed so caring and energetic and determined, with a great resume.
  • Ron Vining was energetic, pro-life, and, sadly, cannot get a call back from state committee members to whom he would like to present his candidacy, he also can’t get the few that answer his call to talk to him. They’re already committed to Baker RINO Amy Carnevale, the favorite of RINO-embracing committee members – the big-tent people. Vining suffered a misstep in his closing argument, offering a $100K donation to the MassGOP the day after he gets elected.  You can’t do that.
  • Christopher Lyon showed himself to be balanced, determined, and a great guy to run campaigns. Clear with his answers, no b.s.
  • Jim Lyons is for the people. The defender of the members of the republican city and town committees against the folks who have stolen the funds from the MassGOP, disrupted the MassGOP from within like a terrorist team, dogged him like a pack of wolves trying to take down a big bear, and has been insulted beyond the extreme, and attacked, repeatedly after exposing the perpetrators. Doug Bennett, Patrick Crowley, and so many others. We’ve printed some on this, and more is to come.
  • Jon Fetherson – a fraud. He spoke as a “proud Republican” and as a “friend” to Jim Lyons, then spent seeming all his time whacking at Lyons, repeatedly. A fraud, because the moderator (see below) and no one else mentioned that Jonny-boy had been on the Howie Carr radio show the day before, broadcast on up to 20 stations, announcing his support of RINO Amy Carnevale, someone who can smile and lie as well as he can, apparently. He was introduced on the show as a former candidate for MassGOP chair.  Amazing that Johnny-boy couldn’t come clean and let folks know he was an AMY STOOGE. He was vicious about Lyons with Carr, but tried to be oh-so-sweet at the forum.


As there were so many questions by the moderator and from the audience, the moderator promised she would send remaining questions to the candidates, should they care to answer them and have them printed online. The Broadside offered to print their answers. We’re not interested in anything from Johhny-boy, and neither is the moderator:





Dear Candidates!


Thanks again to all of you for participating in our forum Friday night. As expected, we could not fit all the questions into two hours but as promised I have attached the remaining 10 additional questions we have received.


Just recently I also learned from an interview with Mr. Fetherston [at 3:22:22 The Howie Carr Show Jan 12, 2023 (] that he was no longer a candidate in the race, and he is, therefore, not on this distribution list. I am sorry that I was not made aware of it before the debate and let you waste your time with his answers; I may be a fool, but I do not like to be made a bigger fool than I already am.


Mr. Brennan, the publisher of the Boston Broadside, has offered to provide space for the questions and for your replies, and also to the online readers of the Broadside who will have the opportunity to express their thoughts in the comments section.


Therefore, please, if you have time, motivation, or desire, choose any or all of the questions, see attached below, and send your answers to me by Tuesday morning, January 17.


Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to meet you all in person.


Katalin Egri

Carlisle RTC

2 Replies to “FRAUD CANDIDATE Jon Fetherston Called Out by Forum Moderator, Other candidates summarized here

  1. Dear Republican Friends,

    At the Candidates’ Forum in Carlisle on January 13 these questions were left unanswered because we had no time to ask them. But you could express your opinion here and answer them as if you were running for Chairman of the MassGOP.

    1. Mr. Baker was the Republican Governor of Massachusetts for 8 years. What do you think was Governor Baker’s single greatest achievement and what was the single worst thing he did?

    2. Is there a “Deep State”? Yes, or no? And if yes what could and should the MassGoP do about it, if anything?

    3. On her campaign website, Governor Healey stated that “The climate crisis is our greatest risk” and she “will make climate change a top priority”. Aside from the nonsensical phrasing as to “make climate change a top priority”, do you think there is a “climate crisis”, yes or no, if you say yes what is it; irrespective of whether you say yes or no, what would you do about the politics of the Governor’s priority as Chairman of MassGoP?

    4. Sex-ed: This question has 3 parts
    i. to everybody: as a matter of principle regarding educational policy, do you support “sex-ed” (NOT general biology or anatomy) to be taught as a formal part of the standard public school curriculum and not be left completely a private family matter between parents and their children? Yes, or no.
    ii. only to those candidates who support sex-ed: can you name a single sexual activity legally practiced between consenting adults that you would explicitly call out to be disgusting, repulsive and immoral as part of teaching sex-ed in public schools?
    iii. only to those who said no: is there anything as Chairman of MassGoP you would make the party do to achieve your stated views on the subject and how?

    5. Do you support the diversity-inclusion-equity+ belonging program promoted and practiced for the training of teachers (not students but teachers) of the public schools in Massachusetts? Yes, or no. If not, should and how the MassGoP be involved in fighting it? If yes and you do support it, then, please, explain why?

    6. As you are surely aware, woke leftists have taken over public schools and public libraries everywhere. They are trying to groom and sexualize kids with drag story hours and are presenting pornography, disguised as “inclusive literature”. Many of these pornographic books are here in the Library of the Concord-Carlisle High School which has sparked a local nonpartisan backlash. We are currently in the early stage of what we expect to be a long, drawn-out, and successful effort.
    What can the MassGOP do to help local committees push back against the radical woke agenda, and how can the party harness the power of citizens’ pushback to help our candidates in 2024 and beyond?

    7. Should the MassGoP positively engage current and former illegal immigrants to support our party, or just throw the towel in and pray that when the time of these invading forces comes to rule, they will be gentle with us? What else do you suggest doing, if anything?

    8. A biological man dressed in a skirt, Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Health, on May 27, 2022, stated in a public forum that ‘The positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute’. Should this statement be a concern of the MassGoP? Yes, or no? If yes, what should its reaction be?

    9. On September 12, 2020, a violent crowd damaged the Columbus statue in the North End. Since it had been expected ahead of time what might happen, as Chairman of the MassGoP, would your reaction have been any different to the event from those of then Chairman Lyons, and if yes, what?

    10. Should the MassGoP be involved in organizing measures to prevent vandalism against Churches, pregnancy centers, and historical monuments that represent our conservative values? Yes, or no? And if yes, what?

    11. Bekenntnis der Professoren: According to this week’s news from Minnesota, new public teachers there will have to sign a 21st century form of the Loyalty Oath to the National Socialist State that requires “that licensure candidates publicly support critical race theory and transgender ideology and include both in their teaching”. Do you support such requirement for licensure in Massachusetts? Yes, or no, and if no, what should the MassGoP do to prevent that happening under your leadership?

  2. 4.i.: Sex-ed:
    Educating public school students in sexual conduct, as opposed to teaching objective facts about sexual biology, did not exist in Massachusetts until the late 1960s. It should have stayed that way.

    The public education establishment has proven that it cannot be trusted with the subject. It is institutionally committed to promoting an agenda on sexual matters that is opposed to traditional Judeo-Christian morality and it will indoctrinate students in condoning if not adopting practices that are sexually perverse, depraved, and sinful.

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