Time to Step Up, Sign Up, and Join Lawsuit – MassGOP Chair Seeks to Take Action Against Bad Actors

MassGOP Chair Seeks Republican City and Town Committee Members to Join Group Lawsuit Against Bad Actors



JAN. 14, 2022

Plaintiff Engagement Authorization

From: Elizabeth Groot <

Dear RTC RWC Chairs and Republican members,

Last year, on Feb. 1, 2022, the treasurer of the Massachusetts Republican Party shut down the party’s bank account.

During discovery in the lawsuit filed Feb. 14,2022, it was determined that the “post-no-debit” to the MassGOP bank account was the culmination of a concerted effort to unlawfully interfere with the operations of the MassGOP.

This effort has dramatically impacted the MassGOP and all of our Republican town and city committees. We are in the process of drafting a lawsuit that seeks damages that have resulted from the actions of internal members of the Republican Party.

If you’re interested in joining the lawsuit, please read and sign the attached form and email it back to me.


There is a separate legal defense fund being formed. Any collection of damages will be shared among the town committees, the city committees, and the MassGOP.

Please email me if you have questions.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Groot
Massachusetts Republican Party
Executive Assistant



Print, sign, or digitally sign and DATE, and e-mail back to:
or mail printed form a.s.a.p. to:
400 West Cummings Park, Suite 5650
Woburn, MA 01801




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We, the undersigned members of a local Republican Town Committee or Republican City Committee, duly organized pursuant to M.G.L. and having confirmed our standing as such through filings at the Secretary of State per statute, do hereby agree to join as plaintiff’s in a Civil Complaint against certain individuals, to be named as defendants in a lawsuit, which complaint shall allege a concerted (conspiratorial) agreement on unlawfully interfere with the lawful operation of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

The undersigned further agrees that counsel for the purpose of drafting, filing, and pursuing the Complaint shall be retained. The cost of legal counsel shall be paid by contributions from members of the Republican Party that may or may not include those whose names appear below. No party to this intention to join as Plaintiff’s shall obligate that individual to pay legal fees to plaintiff’s counsel.

The undersigned further agree that this is a not to be deemed as a solicitation by counsel. The undersigned acknowledge that there is a pending legal action known as Massachusetts Republican State Committee (MRSC) v. Patrick Crowley pending in the Middlesex Superior Court (Docket #2281CV00992) in which certain information was obtained to pursue claims of an unlawful concerted action against the MRSC by unlawfully attempting to create local republican town committees; unlawful concerted action to suppress fundraising, unlawful concerted effort to publish false, defamatory accounts by using methods of general circulation; unlawfully aiding and abetting the MRSC Treasurer to interfere with financial affairs of the Republican State Committee; and other unlawful acts, to be described in the contemplated Civil Complaint.

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Further, the undersigned agree to be recognized as an unincorporated association under the representation of James J. Lyons, Jr. in his capacity as a member of the Andover Republican Town Committee.
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___________________________________ __________________
Street Number and Name Town


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