Mass. Former Congressional Candidate Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette’s Amazing Tell-All Letter on MassGOP

EDITOR’s NOTE: The following letter was sent on the afternoon of January 5, 2023 to all MassGOP State Committee Members (the governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. It is amazing to see a congressional candidate who took on the worst of the worst in Massachusetts also speak and write so candidly about the “dishonest and dysfunctional” state committee members.  A tremendous read:



Chairman Jim Lyons, State Committee Members

Good afternoon


After careful consideration, I’ve decided not to run for chairman of the MassGop; my morals and ethics will not align with dishonest and dysfunctional state committee members that are self-serving and in direct conflict with the MassGop.


The best thing I can do for the republican party in Massachusetts is to allow attorneys to move forward with future class action suit, naming MassGop and several State Committee Members and allowing previous candidates and donors to have their day in court.


Julian and I believe there are a handful of current state representatives that claim to be republicans who need to face a republican primary in the 23/24 cycle, something, as chairman, I could not be part of; however, it needs to be done, Julian and I will focus and fund those primaries.

Chairman Jim Lyons has been railroaded since the day he took office; the behavior of some state committee members is beyond acceptable and should be held accountable.


When speaking with Amy about several issues, I find it bizarre that Amy agrees with how awful some individuals have behaved. Yet, she is willing to ask for their vote because she knows they are resigning as state committee members after the election for a new chair is complete. To be clear, this is happening so that should Amy become the successive chairwoman, she can cancel lawsuits that Jim started as chairman. This realization has caused me. To dig in on pending class action suits, assuring accountability will happen, and no state committee member or chair of the MassGop can stop legal action.


Amy told me she would not accept the Chair position if the class action lawsuit moves forward; regardless of who the next chair is, there is no escaping pending legal action; too many individuals have been harmed by the action of some state committee members leaving the MassGop defenseless without proper insurance to overcome the actions of elected state committee members. Amy has told me she has had these conversations warning state committee members they can be held legally accountable and should carry professional liability insurance as Amy personally has.


The bottom line is that MassGop is a mess; I want my name as far away from impending legal actions against the MassGop and state committee members other than to be the catalysis that brings about long due accountability. I’m determined as a republican voter and previous candidate to bring as much pressure and discomfort to those responsible for actions between 2014/2022 election cycles, Amy is correct those responsible can be held responsible.




Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette

U.S. Congressional Candidate

3 Replies to “Mass. Former Congressional Candidate Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette’s Amazing Tell-All Letter on MassGOP

  1. Dear Jeffrey
    We will talk privately. Omg Teflon Don Congressman Jeffrey Sossa-Paquet I wasn’t aware of how dysfunctional our Republican party really is Jeffrey let’s get together man i will be reaching out to you soon buddy. As your #1 fan as you told your friends about me. It saddens me that real honest folks like you aren’t allowed to change this so called swamp establishment. Buddy we must continue the fight like our lives and children’s lives depends on it. Let’s meet and strategize ok

    Keep fighting Jeff
    #1 fan
    Jessie Romero

  2. We need to drain the Rino swamp here in Massachusetts! Thanks Former Governor Baker for allowing this
    What happened to being true to yourself and your party?

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