MassGOP Chair Carnevale to Pay $55,415 with No Contract, No Engagement, and Against MassGOP Counsel

by Lonnie Brennan

A local talk show host on WRKO afternoons as well as the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe have been filled with words and stories about the sudden surprise debts of the Massachusetts Republican Party. And, every account is couched in cover-words such as “may” and “possibly” and “unclear” as accusations of financial misappropriation and smears are tossed at former chairman Jim Lyons.

Stripping way the fictional narrative portrayed in the fake media (yes, even a talk host who is adept at telling just part of the story, the part he likes, the salacious part), we’re left with the following: Why would the MassGOP new chairwoman Amy Carnevale go running to the Herald, the Globe, and an afternoon former conservative supporting radio host with news that Jim Lyons owes or may owe lots of money? The answer: politics. To not just defeat Lyons, but to stick a wooden stake through his political heart. The problem is, the facts don’t support Carnevale.

Carnevale and a “team” of insiders have worked hard over the past year to throw whatever they can for roadblocks or mud at Lyons (see related stories regarding the “digital footprints” which lead back to Carnevale orchestrating a smear campaign about her would-be future opponent, Lyons. Now, Carnevale is somehow perched to make payment on a $55,415.00 invoice, that Lyons and the MassGOP counsel, Atty. David W. Carr has declared a non-starter.

As detailed in Atty. Carr’s letter (see below), the vendor, Stirm Group, required a retainer of $10,000 which was never paid, and a signed contract – which was never signed, and scope of work, which was never defined. Indeed, the Party made an inquiry if they could engage Stirm, and the answer was no, so as Atty. Carr notes, no contract was signed, no deposit/retainer remitted, no scope of work was defined. Still, that didn’t stop the Stirm Group from submitting an invoice for services

“No condition precedent such as payment of a retainer was ever paid” by the Party to Stirm. “In short, no contract of any nature was ever entered into by and between your client and MRSC.,” attorney David W. Carr noted in his certified letter to a Lynnfield-based attorney seeking to get payment for private investigative services on candidate Maura Healey.



Dear Fellow Republican,

The assistant treasurer of the MassGOP Tony Ventresca has informed me that the newly elected chairwoman Amy Carnevale is going to pay the Stirm group $55,415.00!

The chair is ignoring the advice of the MassGOP counsel who has stated clearly in the attached letter that the MassGOP does not owe the Stirm group any money.

The chair is following the advice of the MassGOP treasurer Patrick Crowley. It is important for you to know the history of Patrick Crowley over the last 2 years.

On January 27th 2022, at 5:07 pm, Patrick Crowley left Chairman Lyons a message that he “had no problem with the budget“.

Patrick Crowley, after a quorum was established, walked  out of the January 27th 2022 state committee meeting and loudly proclaimed “that no bills will be paid”.

February 1,2022, Patrick Crowley shut down the MassGOP bank account . The rent check bounced and the employees salary and health benefits were put in jeopardy. This action is a violation of MGL criminal statutes.

On April 28, 2022 Patrick Crowley changed the password to OCPF. This action prevented our compliance firm from the timely filing of  MassGOP OCPF reports.

The decision to pay the $55,415 invoice is a violation of both Patrick Crowley and Chairwoman Amy Carnevale’s fiduciary duty to protect the assets of the MassGOP.

Please email me with any questions at

Jim Lyons

Former chairman



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  1. Judas Escariot-M¡ll¡gan is behind those fake “MassGOP Majority” emails sent from a server in ultra liberal San Fransicko.

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