Amy Carnevale’s Clowns – Mass GOP Chair seeks to muzzle & censor me

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Amy Carnevale’s Clowns
Mar 4, 2024

Mass GOP Chair seeks to muzzle & censor me

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Amy Carnevale is gunning for me. She has written a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) demanding that I be censored for exposing the venal GOP establishment.

My alleged sin? In her FCC letter, the Republican state chair claims that comments I made on my Friday, March 1st show “exhibit gross offensiveness.” In particular, she was referencing my calling Carnevale and her fellow band of RINOs “whores.”

To understand the context of my using that term, I was discussing the 1987 film, “Wall Street.” There is a dramatic scene, in which the character played by Martin Sheen warns his stockbroker son about the perils of getting in financial bed with corporate tycoon, Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas). Sheen tells his son: “I don’t go to sleep with no whore; I don’t wake up with no whore.”

It is a brilliant line—one of my all-time favorites. Why? Because the working-class father is telling his son that money and greed are corrosive. It is about the danger of being for sale, abandoning one’s core beliefs, values and integrity in pursuit of money and power. In particular, this is the fatal flaw of the RINOs—especially, in corrupt Massachusetts. It is why they repeatedly betray conservatives, Trump supporters and even their own voters. On a national scale, think Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley. You get the picture.

On the state level, as my monologue on Friday made perfectly clear, I was referencing prominent Massachusetts RINO leaders and candidates, such as Bill Weld, Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker and Chris Doughty (among others). Notice: They’re all men. Yet, they didn’t write letters to the FCC and demand that I be silenced or fired as Carnevale has. In fact, I have called Doughty, Baker, Weld and Romney much worse.

The point of my monologue is an obvious one: Establishment Republicans sell out to the donor class. They abandon key Republican principles—on the border, illegal immigration, welfare to illegals, sanctuary cities, crime, DEI, ESG corporate governance, civil liberties, abortion, the Green agenda, trade, and strong opposition to Democrats—because of the corrosive influence of Big Money, Big Business, lobbyists, special interests and corporate power. In short, they are for sale. They are political opportunists and cynical careerists who are obsessed with money and power.

Anyone with half a brain knows I do not literally mean they are prostitutes or street walkers, who will have sex in exchange for cash. It is a metaphor, a turn of phrase, a figure of speech. That’s why no one has ever complained when I’ve used the term before—until now.

“Referring to prominent political figures, particularly women, as ‘whores’ not only fails to support communities but actively undermines them,” she said in her FCC complaint. “Such language is demeaning and can dissuade women from pursuing prominent roles within communities.”

Carnevale adds that “Jeff Kuhner’s ongoing dissemination of disinformation” about RINO and GOP establishment corruption and lies are a threat to women, blacks, minorities, “communities” of every kind in Massachusetts, as well as to the entire public.

Remarkably, she calls on the FCC and my employer iHeartMedia, to censor me and take me off the air. She demands they start “ceasing Jeff Kuhner’s inappropriate and misogynistic language and halting his disinformation campaign concerning ‘pay to play’ politics.”

Carnevale is a RINO clown. Her pathetic attempts to smear me as some kind of a misogynistic, sexist pig is beyond laughable. This is manufactured, fake outrage. She is desperately trying to deflect from (and cover-up) her disastrous, failed and sleazy tenure as Massachusetts Republican Party chair.

In particular, she refuses to address several key criticisms I have made about her leadership. She is a lobbyist for K&L Gates, a high-powered, globalist law firm with 45 offices on five continents. She remains a lobbyist at K&L while being chair of the Massachusetts GOP. How is this not a blatant, grotesque conflict of interest?

Moreover, K&L pushes a radical Green agenda, ESG corporate governance, DEI and other neo-Marxist, leftist policies. She refused to sign a 2022 ballot petition opposing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

Yet, her media allies at the Boston Herald (a RINO rag) now insist she is a Trump-loving MAGA Republican. Their evidence: Carnevale took several pictures with Trump in the Oval Office (by this measure, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence are Trump’s staunchest supporters).

She has, however, personally hosted Massachusetts GOP events promoting rabid anti-Trumpers, such as Chris Christie, Chris Sununu and his father, John Sununu. She believes these treacherous RINOs are the model for Republican governance in Massachusetts.

Carnevale openly supported liberal Chris Doughty against Trump-backed MAGA conservative Geoff Diehl in the 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary (Chris Sununu also publicly endorsed Doughty). Doughty voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. This is the RINO vision for Massachusetts—a GOP that is nothing more than Democrat-lite.

No wonder the far-leftists at the Boston Globe are promoting Carnevale, urging Republican voters to support her slate of candidates on Super Tuesday. Since when is the Globe interested in advancing the interests of the conservative GOP? Never.

Yet, the Globe backs her now for the same reason the GOP establishment does: She is a female version of Charlie Baker—albeit much less intelligent, effective and charismatic. In other words, she’s a closet Democrat who will do nothing to challenge the state’s liberal regime.

I see right through her phony leadership. And that’s why she wants me and the voice of my audience muzzled and shut down.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6-10 am ET. He can be reached at:

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