Digital Footprints Trace Back to MassGOP Chair Wannabe

by Lonnie Brennan

It’s amazing how careless certain folks can be, when they state one thing at candidate forums, but digital footprints apparently reveal an entirely opposite history. Thus, we now come to discuss Amy Carnevale, candidate for MassGOP chair, the presumed front-runner according to certain radio talk-show hosts, as well as the lamestream media that really just hates Republicans.

Carnevale has promised to squelch, destroy, terminate any lawsuits that are pending, any investigations, etc., against certain individuals who have been accused of misusing MassGOP funds, and taking illegal actions to cause disruption to the MassGOP operations. A separate lawsuit has been filed against individuals who have been accused of planting false narratives about MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons, in which a “team” of individuals, all with links to the former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s administration (campaign people, senior advisors, etc.), who sought to “destroy Lyon’s reputation and unlawfully interfere with the operations of the MassGOP.

Earlier this week, Carnevale swore her allegiance to all members of the Republican Party, stating that she was not in bed with those seeking the destruction of the party. Release of internal MassGOP documents obtained during the legal lawsuit deposition and legal discovery proceedings indicate another narrative. We’re reprinting it below:



On April 19, 2021, Nhat Le, who worked in Governor Baker’s administration, sent a letter to the State Committee accusing Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons of being a racist and a bigot.

New evidence confirms Le’s letter was part of a plan implemented by State Committee member Matt Sisk, Baker campaign organizers Brian Wynne and Jim Conroy, in addition to others, to use Nhat Le and her Asian heritage to destroy Lyons’ reputation.

Documents confirm that on April 23, 2021, attorney Simon Cataldo of the Ashcroft & Sullivan law firm spoke with a Boston Globe reporter “on background” regarding the Nhat Le letter.

After the discussion with the Globe, Cataldo proceeded to author a false narrative casting Lyons as a racist and a bigot.

The false narrative was released to the Boston Globe on April 26, 2021. Evidence confirms that this false narrative was approved by Sisk and Conroy.

Evidence also confirms Simon Cataldo, on behalf of Ashcroft/Sullivan, was paid by Brian Wynne via Red Massachusetts Action Grassroots LLC. The invoices were issued to Wynne on June 9, 2021.

On Nov. 9, 2021, at 1:36 pm, a letter was prepared for State Committeewoman Amy Carnevale. The letter was regarding the referral of Lyons to the attorney general’s office .

At 1:56 pm on Nov. 9, 2021, Carnevale sent the letter to David Carr and CC’d “the team.”

According to the PDF document’s digital file origin history, this letter was created by Carnevale:

On Dec. 12, 2021, a letter was prepared for Republican State Committee member Laurie Myers. The letter, addressed to Lyons, complained about the fact that the previous meeting of the Republican State Committee was rescheduled from Nov. 18 to Nov. 30.

This letter was an attempt to provide cover for the fact that “the team” had put a plan in motion to boycott the State Committee’s Nov. 30 meeting.

According to the PDF document’s digital file origin history, this letter was created by Amy Carnevale:

On Dec. 15, 2021, at 5:04 pm, a letter was prepared for an individual named Nhat Le, an employee of the Baker administration. This letter was addressed to Chairman Jim Lyons and CC’d to Secretary of State William Galvin and the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

This letter, once again, sought to advance a false narrative portraying Lyons as a racist and a bigot.

According to the PDF document’s digital file origin history, this letter was created by Amy Carnevale:

On December 15, 2021, at 5:26 pm, a letter was prepared for Nhat Le. The letter was addressed to Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl.

This letter was once again an attempt to advance a false narrative to portray Lyons as a racist and a bigot.

According to the PDF document’s file history, this letter was created by Amy Carnevale:

All of these facts beg the following questions:

Why would Amy Carnevale author this letter?

Why would Nhat Le send this letter to gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl?

Information obtained through discovery, dating back to Jan. 2, 2020 – the day a political operative named Doug Bennett announced to the world via Facebook that Lyons is a pedophile – exposed a concerted plan to destroy Lyons’ reputation and unlawfully interfere with the operations of the MassGOP.

Bennett testified under oath during his deposition that he was also paid by Brian Wynne thru Red Massachusetts Grassroots Action, LLC.

This nefarious plan culminated with MassGOP Treasurer Patrick Crowley shutting down the party’s bank account on Feb.1, 2022.

There is currently a lawsuit pending against Crowley seeking damages to the MassGOP. Additionally, there is a lawsuit currently being drafted to protect the interests of local Republican town and city committees. We will be seeking damages in excess of $5 million dollars.

The current social media attacks playing out on a seemingly daily basis against certain members of the State Committee are consistent with the attacks launched against Lyons that began in January 2021.


9 Replies to “Digital Footprints Trace Back to MassGOP Chair Wannabe

    1. When his guy got trounced, he pulled his robes up around him, turned up his nose, and walked away to take cheap shots on another day. It has always been all about Howard Lawrence Carr. His shtick is wearing very thin with his goofy laugh and his clone.

  1. The sad part about politics is that it is a dirty business in more ways than one. Power is the goal and most will do whatever is necessary to destroy not taint a rival. If Massachusetts has any chance of ridding itself of Democratic control we need to rid ourselves of those who are seeking office for their own self betterment. We need candidates who are for the people and conservativism. It will take a grass roots effort to build such a contingent.

  2. Any state committee person who votes for any of these corrupt Baker cronies is going to be primaried out. Your days will be numbered. And no amount of Baker dark money will save you!

  3. Amy you have no loyalty to the party you serve! your first 48 show it! Do you all forget you work for us not we work for you! We the people know who you Rino’s are and as Mark said your days are numbered. Truth will prevail

  4. Will Amy run caucuses to fill the 7 vacant seats on the State Committee? Or will she defer because she’s afraid real Republicans will win all those races?

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