Mass. Conservatives Win Big in Second MassGOP Caucus: Crush Baker 2.0/Establishment Candidate

From a mass-email forward to the Boston Broadside, originally sent by MassGOP State Committeeman Dennis Galvin, Sat. April 1, 2023 at 4:10 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: As noted below, non-establishment, non-former-liberal-Democrat-enabling-Mass.-governor Charlie Baker candidates have now won two out of two caucuses this year to fill open seats on the Republican State Committee. The state committee is comprised of 80 members, and serve as the governing board of the Republican Party  in Massachusetts. We remind the reader that under Charlie Baker, the so-called most-popular governor in the United States, Baker raised zero funds for the MassGOP and apparently had no coat-tails, as the Republican Party diminished with every day he was in office.



Packard Takes 50 votes to Shepherd’s 33

      Worcester- Middlesex Republican town and ward committee members gathered this at the Lancaster Civic Center in Lancaster, Mass. electing Aaron Packard to replace Frank Ardinger on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee for the rest of this year.  

Packard defeated Andrew Shepherd, a Republican from Townsend, who lost a very tight race for state representative to Democrat Margaret Scarsdale in 2022, after he narrowly defeated Lynne Archambault in the Republican primary in a memorable race. 

Packard also ran for state representative in 2022, in a race that gave rise to allegations that the so-called “Baker PAC” had supported his Democrat opponent.   

Ten provisional ballots were also cast, but under MA GOP Caucus rules these were discarded because the vote margin would not have changed any of the ballots, giving Packard a clear victory.

His election must now be certified at the June Republican State Committee meeting before he can take his seat.

Aaron will serve out the remainder of Frank Ardinger’s term, which will end in March of 2024.

The crowd of 83 town and ward members came out on a rainy morning  giving strong evidence that there is life in the MASSGOP yet and that this election counted.  Packard’s victory adds another conservative voice to the embattled state committee, as the struggle for the soul of the party will continue.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  The Boston Broadside congratulates Aaron Packard for his win, defeating a pro-choice, pro CRT, Baker-endorsed liberal candidate Andrew Shephard.




3 Replies to “Mass. Conservatives Win Big in Second MassGOP Caucus: Crush Baker 2.0/Establishment Candidate

  1. We also won an earlier caucus with MAGA candidate Maria Collins in Taunton against a Baker establishment Rino ‘Republican’ State Rep who supports abortion by a 51-26 margin. Help us cleanse this feckless Rino filth from the MassGOP State Committee on Tuesday March 5th, 2024 during the Super Tuesday Presidential Primary. Our candidates will be on the ballot under President Trump. Link below. MAGA!

  2. Inside sources are reporting that one of the 3 candidates was forced to drop out after a Baker PAC person threatened his state job if he didn’t drop out of the race and endorse the Rino candidate to defeat Packard. Inquiring minds would like to know the truth??

  3. this is all a bit of re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic. when will republicans and conservatives learn that you first have to win the culture? the left has absolute control, and will for at least a generation, because they fought for decades for control of the culture.

    so while the mass. gop gets caught up in these meaningless little wins, the left has thought out the long game.

    mass. will crash and burn and at this point is likely the only way things will improve.

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