CORRUPT BARGAINS: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts




CORRUPT BARGAINS: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts is a powerful book of Massachusetts’ history – that many of you played a part in – and that must not be forgotten.

We’re sure you remember how shocking it was when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court invented the phony “right” of same-sex marriage by a thin 4-3 vote. And most of you also remember that everything our side did to try and stop it – including two constitutional amendments and much more – and was thwarted by sleazy political tactics (often by those supposedly on our side).

Amy Contrada, a long-time activist and our MassResistance research director, was deep in that fight and has documented in detail what really happened – often behind the scenes. She has written an extraordinary 580-page book, Corrupt Bargains, that tells the entire story. (Many of you are mentioned in it!)

The book will not be available on Amazon for obvious reasons. Even if you were deeply involved, you will learn a lot from this book!

Corrupt Bargains is a unique history of how same-sex marriage began in Massachusetts. It is the only documentary account of the corrupt maneuvering of politicians and pro-LGBT special interest groups during this constitutional crisis (2001-2007). Massachusetts developed the template for the deceptive political strategies that would dupe the conservative establishment and citizenry across the country. The tactics behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling on same-sex marriage (2015) were crafted in Massachusetts.

The successful LGBT strategy was to ignore questions of morality and public health, invent “rights,” demand “fairness” and “equality,” and flood the zone with emotional propaganda. The achievement of same-sex marriage cleared the way for the next big goal of the sexual radicals: transgender rights.

Corrupt Bargains is a case study of how corrupt government officials circumvent constitutional governance. The book provides a front-row view of these precedent-setting events. It has rescued rare sources from the memory hole, with up-to-date links in the 900 endnotes.

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