Intercepted and Transcribed
by Atty. Robert Snider
April 1, 2021
Boston Broadside Columnist, Former Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney


There is much to be pleased about in our campaign to fundamentally change America.

Even though Joe let the cat out of the bag by admitting that we had substantially ramped up our voter fraud operations, we are now in a position that we will win every election in the swing states no matter how radical or weak our candidate. In fact, weak people, who lack independent ideas, are preferable because they follow orders.

We have the top of the Judicial Branch. Who would have expected empty threats to people with lifetime appointments to actually intimidate Supreme Court judges? The 2020 voter fraud cases made it to the Supreme Court, but the barbershop quartet came through along with Justice Roberts again. They refused to exercise their power over those critical voting cases.

Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island is the designated harasser of Kavanaugh. He just called for an examination of the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh years after his appointment. We will never let up harassing him. The justices will stay intimidated. Separation of Powers? We have separated them from their powers.

We have the Executive Branch from the White House to the outhouse at the EPA. People expect dictators to look like Mussolini. Joe does not look threatening. He looks like he needs a boy scout to help him cross the street – because he does. Dr. Jill can use her doctorate to get him to follow instructions and stop sniffing girl scouts.

Kamala has no political base of her own, so she is totally dependent on us. When we ruthlessly eliminated her only potentially strong primary competitor, Mafia Cuomo, she kept silent, knowing her place in the new world order.

We are not bound to anyone’s dictionary. We are free to change the definitions of words, disguising our intentions. There is a “challenge” on the border not a “crisis.” Republicans are “domestic terrorists,” undeserving of civil rights and their assets are the misbegotten gains of their “White Privilege.” George Washington was a slave owner. Be creative. Remember, this generation thinks that Pearl Harbor is a resort where you dive for jewelry.

We will fail if we do not succeed in disarming the population. Keep in mind Saul Alinsky’s rule. We are against guns until we have all the guns. No action should be taken that unifies and galvanizes actions against us.

We will make owning guns expensive and difficult, but control all of the ammunition by changing the caliber so only we have firearms of the right caliber. Keep claiming that gun registration is just “common sense” and confusing the public with gun crimes, instead of the fact that the Second Amendment checks the power of a tyrannical government. Bearing arms is the difference between being a citizen and being a subject.

When we make firearms illegal, we will not be foolish enough to actually send the police into homes to confiscate guns. But the fear of identifying themselves as gun owners will keep them quiet while we consolidate power. Besides, the sight of police attacking people in their homes with handcuffed men being dragged off by the police or crying women and screaming children will make for bad photo ops.

When the time is right, we will use the National Guard from distant states to disarm the population of far away states. We will arm the millions of illegal alien males that we let into the country who will be able to earn citizenship by helping to disarm the NRA and everyone else. Keep the border wide open.

The geographic and population split appears to make our job complicated, but that will be overcome. The division is really between urban and rural, global and local, and clean and dirty fingernails. Even though the Republicans control more counties and acreage, one street in the Bronx cancels out 100,000 acres of prairie.

The heights of academia, the mainstream media, the federal bureaucracy, the air heads of Hollywood, and the woke corporate boardrooms are all willing allies. Do not disabuse the moneyed class groupies of their belief that they are allies by reminding them of Mao’s dictum, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” We will take their money on Friday, thank them on Saturday and confiscate all their assets on Sunday.

Our control of Big Tech will make up for the fragmentation of the population because we control the nodes of communication. Two examples suffice. At the critical time of the election, we shut down Trump completely. Then, even though the FBI buried Hunter Biden’s laptop showing rampant briberies involving Joe himself, it got out through the N.Y. Post. Killed it in the nick of time. Command and control of communications win out. 

History gives us the solution to what we want. Just as we used the pandemic crisis to increase our power, we will provoke a foreign crisis with one of our weak enemies, like Iran or Venezuela. Then we will appeal to everyone’s patriotism to help us so that China does not take advantage of our people. The un-woke are patriotic. By the time the war crisis is over, the U.S. Constitution will join the Weimar Republic on the dustbin of history.

Meantime, our spending will buy votes, increase dependency and weaken the economy.

Nothing provokes fear and anger like inflation. Academia continues to send us reinforcements. Antifa and BLM give us ownership of the streets and, together with weakness in local law enforcement, we can turn that on and off as we need.

Our time is coming. Let’s start renaming cities and states.  ♦

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