Unlawful Action of Judge Abe Ross – Petition

Local and state-wide publications have been following the introduction of a bill in the Mass. legislature which seeks to give ‘victims of Probate & Family Court Judge Abbe Ross an opportunity for redress.

An online petition is available which provides more information:



My name is Pilar, and 3.5 years ago, I was completely erased from my oldest daughter’s life, zero rights, and all financial obligations.

I am not a prostitute; I don’t use drugs, don’t physically or emotionally harm my children, and I am not an alcoholic. Still, judge Abbe Ross decided after a 4-day trial that I am an unfit parent, maybe because I am Latina or because she didn’t want the burden of reading a thick file with 11 years of litigation, and chose the easy way out. My then 8-year-old Sofia was removed from my home and placed in the custody of her narcissistic father, who has been bleeding me financially since then. Sofia and her young baby sister were separated as well, with no option for reunification.

Despite my pain and desolation, I refused to remain passive, so I looked for other victims of the same judge. To my surprise, I was one of many. All of them had experienced the same biased behavior of this judge, who refuses to include witness testimony and physical evidence of the parent she dislikes into her findings, she will then issue a judgment …. facts to support her biased opinion while disregarding completely all the evidence presented by one of the parties. 

How can I support this bill?
Just click on this PDF, print it, fill it out and mail it to:

Massachusetts State House
State Representative Lenny Mirra
24 Beacon St.
Room 548
Boston, MA, 02133

With utmost gratitude to everyone reading this petition and for your support.

READ THE FULL PETITION AT To learn more, read below, or go to

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