The GOUSA Republican R.E.S.E.T Event & ‘Opportunity Score’ National Launch

Join the Republican R.E.S.E.T. and the National Launch of the “Opportunity Score” Politician Rating System by Grand Opportunity USA “GOUSA” on on May 4th. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO/FREE REGISTRATION.

About this Event

The message is simple: Either our elected officials in America are working FOR us and securing opportunity for a better life for ourselves, our families and communities – or they are working actively AGAINST us, eliminating opportunity and serving themselves, their pockets, their lobbyists and special interests instead.

At Grand Opportunity USA, we believe the GOP is in need of a grand Republican RESET and reformation back to it’s founding and enduring principles of Unity, Liberty and Opportunity, Now. We cannot defeat the radical Left until we reform and unite the American Right. We are a diverse group citizens who CHAMPION OPPORTUNITY for ALL, and stand for common sense PRO-USA values.

We also believe in holding our elected officials accountable, and to this end we have developed and launched a first-of-its-kind “Opportunity Score” politician rating system based on GOUSA’s 5 Points of Opportunity depicted in our logo, the Opportunity Star: Personal, Economic, Social, Educational and National Opportunity for All. Both elected officials and candidates for office will be rated on +/- 5 point scale, from 0 to +5 positive Pro-Opportunity points/stars down to 0 to -5.0 negative Anti-Opportunity points/stars.

We thank our partners Michael Wojtaszek and PJ Schrantz at 1884 Consulting, our Generous Hosts at Harriet’s, our Live Stream Hosts from the “Opportunity Report” Merry Caruso and Chris Bass, and All of Our Supporters, Donors and Volunteers.

Join us for a night of great people, great complimentary food, and great fun as we introduce the Grand Republican R.E.S.E.T. and GOUSA’s “Opportunity Score.

Learn more at GOUSA’s website at: and

The American people are rightfully furious about politics today, with 4 out of 5 disapproving of Congress’ job. We need a way to determine which of these people is working for us, and which ones are working against us. A rating system based on universal principles of “Opportunity” is needed to hold our elected officials – and candidates for office – accountable. This is why the Opportunity Score politician rating system was created.

Every day, the average American is held accountable to keep things like their jobs, their driver’s licenses, and their credit ratings. If you miss a car or mortgage payment, your credit score will be immediately hit. Credit scoring agencies continuing monitor consumers and keep them in in line to pay their bills on time, and if not they find themselves losing their credit, unable to get loans, credit cards or home financing.

We need something just like this for our elected officials, who will often lie and use slick, well funded ad campaigns and media bias to get into office – or to keep their seats – and then break their promises and go to work for their own pockets, power, control, and outside interests instead of us, the people, their true bosses.

We must demand that politicians earn a high Opportunity Score to get elected and stay in office, regardless of their party. Ones that do not need to be shown the door and removed from office, primary challenged within their own party and then defeated at the polls by strong candidates who rate high on the Opportunity scale. Note that politicians from all parties are included in this universal rating system, and that the scoring criteria is based on 32 popular, common sense pro-opportunity principles and ideals, each of which enjoys popular support among the majority of Americans – with several positions seeing upwards of 80%+ public approval.

This rating system is not biased to a political party, but biased instead in favor of the majority of the American people who are simply wanting to preserve the American Dream: securing opportunity and a better life.The Opportunity Score system is based on GOUSA’s 5 Points of Opportunity as featured in the five-point star of the logo depicted below, “Personal Opportunity” at the top point, followed by the rest in clockwise fashion. Politicians are rated based on their voting records, positions, statements to the press and social media posts.

Date and Time

Tue, May 4, 2021

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

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436 11th St NW

436 11th Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20004

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