Live Free or Die


by Bernard P. Giroux
South Dartmouth, Mass.

It is amazing how purportedly well-educated neighbors support the sedition, hypocrisy, deceit, anarchy, and anti-American, socialist diatribes and propaganda which has surrounded them and imbued them during the past four years. These folks cloaked themselves with the arrogance of money, are delusional and self-deceptive, have accepted without question destructive, on-going lies and completely forgotten what this country, the United States, represents. They forget that all of us are Americans.  We, the people, are the government – not the deep state. They permit the nonsense of racial divisiveness and the mind-controlling P.C. crowd to decide how, when, where, why and what we think.

The First Amendment ceases to exist under their watch.

Civil discourse is destroyed everywhere, including the most important places in the country, our schools, no matter at what level.

Lies and misdirection are being taught and accepted as truth.

Historical evidence and scholarship are non-existent.

They rewrite history, young people listen to Marxist based lies and call that the truth. These people permit the base culture of America to be destroyed, just as the Taliban and the Chinese have done in their own environs.

Just because a person does not “act” presidential, they think that disqualifies him from office. Instead, these folks listen to and actually obey willful individuals or organizations who hold no truck with the Constitution, threaten to take away their freedom and destroy what 200 years of Constitutional rule has wrought. They willingly permit themselves to be led down the road to serfdom, permitting the state to rule citizens as subjects, rather than the opposite, where they should govern as citizens.

Listen to yourselves. How can you believe the tripe that comes from your own mouths, regurgitating the propaganda delivered to you 24/7, 365 by the seditious, anti-American, anti-Constitutional media surrounding you?  Their Marxist objectives aim to destroy this Constitutional republic.

Were any of you actually paying attention during the past four years? Probably not. Actually, everyone benefited from the economic and financial improvements during this remarkable run-up in employment and the improvements evident in all Americans lives since January 2017? Or were you not listening and seeing, but encouraging the lies, character assassination and other direct insults to a sitting President of the United States? Worse, you leftists actually believe this crap, while the world of the United States was changing for the better right in front of your blind eyes. 

Do you really want to flood this country with people who are not citizens? People who have no true stake in this country, other than that which the Democrats wish to make of them: useful idiots.

Do you actually support the destruction of this country’s hard earned sovereignty? From becoming the world’s beacon of freedom, the best energy independent country in the world, where liberty and self-governance rings true, do you really want to crush this republic?

Do you really want billionaire political hacks dictating to this country? Telling you what to do, how to do it and when, because what they have to say is more important than what the Founding Fathers said and what they outlined for us 200 years ago in the Constitution? 

Do you not believe that these Marxists want to destroy the Constitution; eliminate the Electoral College, which, if it happens, will destroy the political balance in this country, leaving the voting power only on the west and east coasts and in, of all places, Chicago? This would lead, without a doubt, to a subsequent, ultimate Balkanization of the states? It will happen if you vote for Biden. You will not be able to shelter behind your money.  

If you vote for the Biden-Harris ticket in November, you will destroy the fabric of this country.

If you vote for the Biden-Harris ticket in November, you will destroy the fabric of this country. Observe what is going on around you, not civil disobedience, but unfettered riots, insurrections, attempted control of the civil society by Marxist based organizations who have no case to plead, just dissension, sedition and revolt to sow. Nothing these fools do or say will make this a better place; nothing. They are hell-bent on destroying the American way of life and culture.

If you vote for the Biden-Harris ticket, you will vote to accept tyranny as your guide and you will all become subjects of the government by ideology, rather remain as citizens of a Constitutional Republic. Nothing in the Biden-Harris ticket is good for this country…nothing. Not one part or one piece of their platform. Both people are frauds. Each are fronts for the organizations behind them who have as their one goal: your serfdom.  Eradication of liberty, freedom and a responsible society.

The election is not about Donald Trump. It is about a choice that you the citizen must make if you are to remain as a citizen of this Constitutional republic. You must vote the Republican ticket, no matter who is standing in, because that person represents you, the citizen and not an ideology that wishes to enslave you.

The Republican ticket represents freedom and your retaining the freedom guaranteed you as a citizen of this United States. You will not have to answer to these Marxists criminals, these treacherous seditionists, who will undoubtedly remove your freedom and destroy your liberty, your free will, your ability to stand up and speak your own thoughts and debate with anyone.  The Spirit of America is counting on you, all of you, to be Patriots, to be Americans. Live Free or Die.

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