Psychiatric Drug Masking of School Children


by Kevin Hall
Citizens Commission on Human Rights, New England Director

This is Part 2 of a series on the psychiatric destruction of education and will focus on the dangers and influences surrounding the drugging of roughly nine million U.S. school children. The first part ran in the September edition of this paper and can be found online at BostonBroadside.com and then searching for my name. Part 1, on the behavioral masking of our school children, covered the history of school mind-manipulation of children through behaviorism so you can clearly see why they are growing up as “woke” socialists. It also touched upon how leading school psychologists have dumbed down education by removing basics such as dictionaries and phonics while replacing them with whole language (a method of trying to learn words in context as opposed to looking them up in dictionaries) and de-emphasizing the 3Rs. For those wondering, Ritalin should not be one of those “Rs.”


When the basics of education are removed, children (and adults) have difficulty learning and this is the reason our educational system and literacy rates have greatly declined over the past century or more. On an inflationary basis, we spend far more than in the past, so the idea that the educational decline is due to lack of money allocated is fake news. The real news is that when a child cannot learn, he or she gets frustrated and upset and often acts out. This is the main reason why schools, their mental health personnel and community mental health connections can target so many normal children with an array of permanent mental health/learning disorders.

And these disorders aren’t scientific whatsoever. They are merely diagnosed from behavioral checklists since no accurate lab tests have ever existed to determine mental disorders. Mental disorders are purely subjective and certainly cannot be proven to be an “illness.” They are merely an opinion of one’s behavior and are used to push drugs. This is why 3 out of 4 children labeled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are boys. Boys simply tend to be more active and wrestle around a lot.


The drugging of children always starts with mental health labels and the marketing of these labels has been so intense that they have been branded into our lexicon. I’m sure you have heard people say that “they are a little ADHD, PTSD” and more. The marketing of psychotropic drugs to children often starts with school or pediatrician behavioral screening questionnaires, and you, as the parent, have a right to refuse having your children take them. Parents also go along with the disorders and drugs because it is also branded in that they should trust the “experts” in schools and medical settings. I’m sure you have heard many drug advertisements telling you to “Ask Your Doctor” about whatever drug the manufacturer is trying to push. In the meantime, drug companies have already heavily marketed their drugs to these experts through trade magazines, medical journals, college courses and mandatory continuing medical education.


Parents are often heavily pressured to allow their children to be labeled and drugged. After a behavioral screening test or when some teacher with their pop psychology training fails to teach a child, they often tend to blame the child by claiming he or she cannot learn due to a mental disorder or lack of a drug. The parent is called in to meet with a school team which gangs up on them to refer the parent to a mental health practitioner to label and drug the child. If the parent refuses, they are now a bad parent who can also be threatened with “medical neglect” wherein child protective services can potentially remove the child from the family.

On the other hand, if the child does get drugs and a mental disorder label, the parent can potentially receive SSI disability money of around $800 per month per child. This is so rampant that these “crazy checks” have become the new welfare system ever since the 1996 Clinton Welfare to Work law that cut off welfare payments after a couple of years. After this federal law passed, many states, such as Massachusetts, hired consultants to switch adults and their children from welfare to the SSI disability insurance, which gives the state more money.


The harm caused to children by psychiatric drugs is far too immense to cover in this article, so please look at my blog, PsychiatryDrugs.Wordpress.com, wherein you can find many studies with easily understood abstracts by psychiatric drug category. The blog also covers the high frequency of side effects which you can rarely find. You can also search for psychiatric drug lawsuits and settlements which are numerous. For those who aren’t so ambitious, here’s a sampling of the dangers:

ADHD Drugs: These are mainly amphetamines. As logic would indicate, these amphetamines are addictive. They can cause severe heart problems, psychosis, suicide during the drug crash, and reduction of body and brain size. ADHD amphetamines include Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, Adderall, Dexedrine and more. The prescribed doses tend to be very high. While young adult and teen snorters of Ritalin start at about 5-10 mg. to get high for roughly 3 hours, 45 lb. six- year-old Johnny usually starts at about 20 mg of Ritalin and often goes up to about 60 mg. The reason psychiatrists and other prescribers megadose children is because a smaller amount of amphetamine gets you high while a larger amount tends to tranquilize you. It’s similar with tranquilizers such as when a little alcohol tends to get you more hyper, a lot acts as a tranquilizer and way too much can kill you.

ANTI-ANXIETY: This class of drugs are minor tranqulizers like Valium, Xanax and Klonopin, and are very addictive. Their physical effect is similar to alcohol and they are often mixed with opiates like methadone and suboxone for a better high.

ANTIDEPRESSANTS: These are dependence-causing, create many birth defects, psychosis and acts of suicide, and violence. These drugs are regularly connected to the senseless school shootings you hear about on the news.

ANTIPSYCHOTICS: They are psychiatry’s most powerful and dangerous category of drugs and are also referred to as major tranquilizers or neuroleptics (nerve-seizing).

In 1954, the antipsychotic Thorazine first hit the market as the replacement for the lobotomy, in order to keep psychiatric wards quiet. As major tranquilizers, they tend to make people look as though lobotomized while sitting, shaking and drooling. This frequent effect of muscular shaking and twitching is permanent and known as Tardive Dyskinesia.

Antipsychotics reduce brain mass and cause psychosis. Psychiatry almost never prescribed these drugs to children in the past prior to the marketing of pediatric bipolar disorder that emanated from Mass. General Hospital psychiatrist Joseph Biederman and his staff. Now, drugging children for the controversial pediatric bipolar disorder with antipsychotics as part of a Frankenstein-like drug concoction has become standard medical practice. The blog
childbipolartimeline.wordpress.com will give you many of the gory details as to why this marketing campaign should have been criminally prosecuted more than two decades ago.  ♦

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  1. Today, the U.S. ranks low in public education standings. This despite the fact that the U.S. spends the most for education. I’m hopeful that most public school teachers are good. However, there are many who aren’t that great. Even when I went to public school many, many years ago, there were a few teachers who really shouldn’t have been teaching. They just didn’t care. In some instances teachers were a negative influence on students self esteem and enthusiasm.

  2. I agree with the above statement, I was completely bored in school, learned in first grade about ” awful” , most likely unhinged teachers!! Absolute truth!! My public school years were many, many decades ago and imho, things have only become much worse…I do believe it is the public school system , the top down, their atrocious decisions are destroying our youth. I always said when my children were in school, that it was myself who got the education and I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to. It is descpicable that this is allowed to continue, I completely wish parents could get the tax funds to homeschool their children without the criminal enterprises coming after them….I also wish parents could co-parent with others who actually see the issue and are on the same page rather than the completely messed up individuals who are a product of the dumbing down!! It is really a sad state of affairs when students and parents alike think their teachers are dumb as a rock…fairly certain that isn’t wha they had planned…not all of us can be ” programmed” many see the destruction!! Big changes are needed and Long, long overdue….I support parental rights, homeschool legal defense….smart, confident, loving parents matter

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