Fake gmail.com E-mails Trying to Destroy Broadside

There’s only one person we’ve ever had to contact the police about, and he’s a certain electrician in the Merrimack Valley.

The current rash of e-mails from various pranked gmail accounts, purporting to come from Charlie Baker, Geoff Diehl, and the Broadside, have all the rings and backtracings of coming from that same ilk.

If you receive something that rings false/weird, it’s most likely from him, but there are several twisted cowards out there… all documented, as stealing one’s identity (purporting to be who you are not) is not a light crime.

He’s been invited by our editor to meet in person, many, many times of the years. He remains committed not to have a public meeting, but rather, remain behind his keyboard, spewing out whatever apparently pops into his head.

We wish him best of health and recovery from whatever his latest episode is.



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