NH Executive Councilors Flip/Flop on Votes – Approve COVID Fed. $

by Lonnie Brennan

If you’ve followed the saga of the New Hampshire Executive Councilors, it’s a sad story of squishy politicians – politicians who can’t stand up to opposing views, who do one thing in public, another thing in private.

First, they proved, along with Gov. Sununu, that they were incapable of conducting meetings in the face of any opposing views from those who brought forth questions about Federal Gov’t funds, and concerns about strings attached – potentially dangerous strings.

Then, they proved that they could sit and go along with moves by the gov. to run a horrific meeting in which mostly silent so-called protesters were extracted from the audience (many rather violently), and detained by men carrying badges and guns (state troopers).

However, they did vote 4-1 to reject controversial federal funds.
Did a true discussion take place? No.
But everyone went home, and the event ended.


Fast forward a bit, and the councilors met again, and concluded their new meeting, practically held in secret, with a near identical vote to that which they previously rejected: And, they accepted more than $22 million, down from the original $27 million.

They snuck the vote in. It wasn’t on the agenda. It was produced at the last minute at the meeting. A setup to exclude the public.

Vote flipped from 4-1 against to 4 for the funds, and one (Mr. Gatsas) voting “present” – meaning not taking a stance.

And politicians wonder why people don’t trust them.

One Reply to “NH Executive Councilors Flip/Flop on Votes – Approve COVID Fed. $

  1. So, some Republicans caved to anti-vaxxer hysterics a couple of weeks ago,
    think it over and come back with a reduced funding package for their vaccine program
    that will wind up costing New Hampshire more than they would have had to pay in the first place…

    and you wonder why people think Republicans have lost their minds.

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