The Corona Narrative Is Really All About Power And Money, Isn’t It?


by Sal Giarratani


   Since about mid-March the narrative over COVID-19 has put most Americans into a constant state of fright. Fear can be a powerful force when used to get people to stop thinking and just follow orders.

Watching how our elected politicians have been acting, it appears that many of them have a liking for concentrating more and more power into government and of course themselves. Many of them are either constantly hiding under a bed hoping no one asks them a question about the virus and the economic shutdown that nearly destroyed us.

 Am I a cynic for thinking that scaring us over this virus like it was the Black Plague or Spanish Flu only benefits a few segments of our society on all levels of government but especially Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Politicians always love being in charge and when it comes to this virus their objective is to stay elected. Also, who else benefits from this pandemic but Big Pharma which often spreads campaign cash all over the nation’s capital hoping that we keep not hope alive but fear alive.

Locally I have seen many pols turning into Mussolini look-alikes. Look at Governor Baker. Not exactly a profile in courage. And how can even forget doings of Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone or Boston Mayor Marty Walsh who make Mussolini look good. All any of these pols want is to stay in office forever and could give a damn about you or I.

Good example, remember back about a month ago when thousands started doing those BLM protests. We were told we could expect another bad outbreak of this virus? However, none happened. Did you hear any of those who warned us coming back to say it didn’t happen? I didn’t because that wouldn’t fit their constant fear narrative. Of course, this didn’t stop  mayors like Curtatone from ordering that no more than 10 parishioners could go to church on Sundays after the governor allowed church services to resume.

Finally, what about school for the upcoming academic year? The Fearmongers are at it again talking up the worse case scenario.

I am of the belief that there may be no second wave. When it swept through here a few months back, I think it did its damage. Those that got the virus did and those that didn’t escaped it. As for what is happening in Texas, Florida and California, this isn’t a second wave. This is the first wave that already got us and has moved to other regions that hadn’t got it yet.

Closer to home, I passed by the beaches over on the boulevard in South Boston. I jokingly said to a friend this place must have been renamed Corona Beach. They were packed in like sardines in cans without a mask in sight.

Oh yeah, getting back to public schools, they need to reopen in September. If some teachers feel uncomfortable because of age or health issues, they can’t be required to go back. Same for parents afraid to send their kids back to school too soon. However, we can’t stay in limbo forever.

Our politicians seem more worried about liability than the best psychological interests of the kids and most parents. It was much easier to have remote learning when most of the economy was in shutdown, but now people are returning to work. How’s that gonna work? Not so well I think.

You know if this wasn’t a presidential election year, this whole pandemic would have been worked out totally different. We all know this. Let’s see, power, money, politics and fear, plenty of it too!

God help the USA. We need it right now.  ♦

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