When ‘Human Rights’ Commissions are Weaponized as a Tool to Discriminate

by Gina Salamone Castiello

Revere, Mass.

It’s important to increase awareness about the Human Rights Commissions (HRC) throughout Massachusetts, but especially the one in Revere, Mass. where I am a lifelong resident.

I received information that a constituent in my community was called a white supremacist, which is in direct violation of the HRC mission statement.

I believe it was my responsibility to file a complaint with the HRC. On May 6, 2021, I was on a monthly HRC zoom meeting where I stated my complaint on this issue.

After the meeting, Mayor Brian Arrigo’s office offered me a private meeting, but I requested a public meeting for transparency, and was denied it four times.

On August 18, 2021, I protested outside of City Hall, while a private mediation with the constituent was taking place inside to bring attention to the matter.

On Dec 2, 2021 I attended another HRC meeting. Lourenco Garcia, the assistant superintendent of Equity & Inclusion for all Revere Schools, stated that the Human Rights Commission is modeled by the United Nations. This caused tempers to flare. That meeting was suspended due to them claiming it was a “tumultuous meeting”!

After the meeting I was holding signs that read “Abolish the HRC – Respect all human rights.” I was called “Garbage” by an HRC member named Chai Hossaini.

This led me to write e-mails to the mayor and city councilors with a complaint, which was ignored. (See complaint letter at end of this article).

The most recent meeting I attended on March 10, 2022 was also suspended. See what happened here:

I witnessed gavels pounding, bells ringing, madam chair screen sharing cloud visuals and breathing techniques, microphones being muted, members chanting the Human Rights Commission mission statement and I thought: Is this really happening in my beautiful city in America?

This Human Rights Commission has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with pushing Agenda 2030, as evidenced by the video, viewable at:

I urge people in their communities to research and find out if these Human Rights Commissions exist in your cities and towns. It is important to know that these commission members are not voted in; they are appointed by those in power who are pushing nefarious and un-American propaganda.

We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights which protects all people!


A Letter to the Mayor of Revere from a Concerned Constituent

Dear Mayor Arrigo,

I complained about the Human Rights Commission since May 6, 2021.

I was denied by your office
4 public mediations on this matter, only to be offered a private mediation, which I denied.

Bring us to December 2021, I attended a Human Rights Commission meeting on 12/2/21. The meeting was suspended, by Janine Grillo-Marra.

At the meeting I was holding
2 signs: “Respect All Human Rights” and “Abolish Human Rights Commission” when a member of the Human Rights Commission, Chai Hossaini call[ed] me “Garbage” in the Revere Chamber Hall, Revere MA.

I feel that an appointed member representing human rights, slandering me in a Public Forum is against the Human Rights Commission Mission Statement. Chai Hossaini is not representing all human rights.

Mr. Garcia who is the Assistant Superintendent of Inclusion and Equity of Revere Public Schools, admitted that the Human Rights Commission is modeled after the United Nations. I thought [the] United States of America has a Constitution and Bill of Rights governing the people of  our country?

I would like a public mediation on this matter regarding a commission which you appointed all members.


Gina Castiello

CC: Councilor’s, spelled councillor (with 2 “L” in their email address), a few members of the HRC (emails available), Board of Health.


2 Replies to “When ‘Human Rights’ Commissions are Weaponized as a Tool to Discriminate

  1. Amazing as to how Revere turned into a “woke” community. I was born in Revere and lived there a significant part of my adult life up until more than 30 years ago.. It was mostly working class /middle class with many longtime residents of multiple ethnicities. Mostly low crime sections . My only fault with it was that the school system had some teachers who should have been in a different profession. I still have family there. Revere has become another Boston area community that has been turned into a leftist bastion. A shame.

  2. Ms.Castiello refused a private mediation session for the last several years. n because having an audience to hear her baseless claims about the mission and goals of Human Rights Commissions is far more important to her than resolving her claim. Gina would like nothing more than an opportunity for her and the other members of Lunatic Fringe she travels with led by Dianna Ploss to create a circus like atmosphere as they have done at public events and their own demonstrations

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