More Illegals to Skirt in Via H2B “Temporary” Visas – Maine Gov. Elated

Nothing like an injection of ANOTHER 35,000 “Temporary” visas to allow non-Americans to enter the workforce in the USA, and compete with U.S. citizens for HOUSING AND JOBS.

Maine’s Democrat Governor Janet Mills praised “the advocacy of Maine’s Congressional Delegation” for allowing the increase.  She claims that workers are required from other countries to fill seasonal tourist jobs in Maine.

Earlier this month, Governor Mills wrote to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary (PDF) Alejandro Mayorkas, urging him to quickly make additional visas available for the second half of the Fiscal Year. In January, Governor Mills also joined a group of bipartisan Governors from Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Guam in urging President Biden to act on the issue (PDF).


Information on how to submit H-2B related job orders on the Maine JobLink can be found here:


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