How to Debate a Liberal and Stay Calm

by Di Lothrop


We all have our crosses to bear. Some of us have close friends who are liberal, but we still love them in spite of themselves.

The other day, a very close liberal friend of mine in a small town in New Hampshire had a meltdown after watching the January 6 Committee hearing on – what else –  a liberal media station. This, naturally, made my friend an expert and understand “what really happened” on that awful day and is convinced that the Jan. 6 Committee is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

We engaged in a conversation to which I had hoped would bring some clarity and acceptance of the real facts instead of opinions given forth by Jan. 6 Committee members during their kangaroo court. It didn’t work.

The following is a shortened version of our “debate.”

Friend: I’m convinced orange man should wear an orange jumpsuit and should never hold office again. All the facts are coming out in the hearing, if only people would listen. Don’t Republicans believe Bill Barr when he said there’s no evidence? All court cases show there was no evidence.

Me: There are no facts being produced, only edited conversations, hearsay, and unsubstantiated statements by committee members. Bill Barr chose NOT to look at the evidence when approached by White House staff to review it so he could claim plausible deniability. In each court case brought by the White House, the evidence was rejected by liberal judges UNSEEN. Every one of those liberal judges denied the evidence to be produced in their courts. They did not SEE the evidence. The purpose of a hearing is to show both sides. Only one side is being showed.

Friend: You believe what you see and hear, and I believe what I see and hear. FOX News spouts those lies all the time because they’re biased. The committee’s job isn’t to prosecute Trump, but rather how Trump caused the insurrection. Trump tried to overturn the election and Pence refused to do it.

Me: I don’t get my news from FOX News or CNN, MSNBC, or any of the big networks because they’re all owned and run by Democrats. Biased? Definitely.Trump did not try to overturn the election. The Electoral Count Act of 1887 allows for challenges which can de-certify the count and turn it back over to the states for recount. The challenge must be accompanied by the approval from a sitting U.S. senator. Did you know that in the last 47 years, Democrats have tried 3 times to object to the Electoral College certifications? In 1969, 2005, and 2017? But they did not have a senator to back them up, so they failed in their bids.

Friend: I’m an “Independent” and I vote for the person not the party.

Me: I vote for the principles of my party, not the person. It’s the foundation of those principles that count, not personalities.

There can be no true debate until the liberal is willing to open up their mind.

Fortunately for the country, after seeing the disastrous policies from the Biden administration, there are more liberals willing to do that.

And, more Republicans. In N.H. alone, R candidates outnumber D candidates by more than 40%. Red wave coming! ♦

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