Pamela Smart Asks New Hampshire Supreme Court to Grant Hearing



Pamela Smart, who has been serving a life-without-parole sentance for her conviction as an accomplice to first degree murder in 1991, submitted a petition of commutation to the state of New Hampshire which was summarily rejected by the New Hampshire Executive Council on March 23, 2022 (see prior editions of the Broadside).

It’s clear from a review of the meeting and statements made by politicians and council members preceding, during, and after the council meeting that no consideration of the facts would be entertained. In short, New Hampshire had disposed of this problem decades ago, abruptly sending a 22-year-old New Hampshire girl into a New York maximum security prison. That transport took place at 4:00 a.m., when Ms. Smart was abruptly awakened in her New Hampshire prison cell, hand-cuffed, had leg irons chained to her, and was whisked out of state.

Fast-forward 30+ years, and we’ve learned a lot as a society about fake media, bad trials, show trials (think OJ Simpson), types of prisons, and treament of prisoners. The guys who killed Gregg Smart, Pamela’s husband, including how they colluded in jail: “her or us.” Those four guys have all been released, for years, but Pamela can’t even get a hearing. At press time, we can report that petitions to the New Hampshire Supreme Court have been filed by attorney Mark L. Sisti of the Sisti Law Offices, 387 Dover Road, Chichester, NH 03258
(603) 224-4220.

To learn more about the Pamela Smart case, visit:

If you want to know more about what the jury never heard, or if you have the time to truly learn and virtually experience what Pamela has gone through over the  years in a hard-knock prison, read her mother’s book (see review in the June 2022 Broadside edition).

The book is available at Amazon, or limited copies can be ordered at-cost from The Boston Broadside (we are providing this as a service to our non-Amazon readers – please, if you can, save yourself and us some work, and order direct from Amazon). Search: Linda Wojas, author, “To Live For – A Mother’s Cry for Justice.” ♦

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