New Hampshire House Democrats Open State to Illegals


House Democrats Run from Sanctuary Cities Issue


Concord, NH – House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement after House Democrats voted to table SB563, relative to federal immigration enforcement.


“Democrats tabled SB563 and sent the message to illegal aliens that New Hampshire will welcome them all with open arms. As illegal aliens flood through our southern and northern borders into our communities, remember that Democrats voted to give every single one of them a get out of jail free card.”


“It is no surprise House Democrats are afraid of debating this issue. Democrats refusal to follow the law has been an unmitigated disaster. SB563 would reestablish the rule of law in New Hampshire and ensure that municipalities do not take it upon themselves to become sanctuary cities. We cannot let New Hampshire fall into a state of disarray like Massachusetts, burning through state resources and putting us in a crisis. House Democrats should stop hiding from their constituents and debate this issue.”

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