Killing Freedom, One Tax and One Vote at a Time


by Di Lothrop

New Hampshire’s socialist Democrat legislators are eroding our state motto of Live Free or Die. One tax at a time. 

And now they want to erode our votes too.

Last month I talked about the tax-and-spend Nashua state representatives passing several New Hampshire House bills, effectively creating new taxes for our citizens. They are relentless in their pursuit of taxing the citizenry to the hilt so they can spend our money on their social programs. They keep piling it on with more progressive legislation: House Bill 559 (creating a fee – tax – for plastic or paper bags), House Bill 686 (extending the interest dividends tax to capital gains), House Bill 735 (raising the carbon tax), and House Bill 1700 (making it easier for non-citizens to vote).

Oh no you don’t! It’s bad enough to mess with our taxes, but when you mess with our votes, them’s fighting words!

Democrat socialists argue that capitalism is incompatible with the values of freedom, equality and solidarity, and now they are after the Electoral College which will render our votes in New Hampshire meaningless.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg recently argued that the Electoral College was obsolete and the popular vote should determine a presidential election. He said he wants to change the way our democracy works and make it easier to vote and to register to vote. First of all, we are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. The Electoral College is a powerful incentive against regionalism. It ensures that winning supermajorities in one region of the country is not sufficient to win the White House. If you had the popular vote in highly populated states like California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois – which incidentally are all heavily Democratic – it would negate the vote in smaller states like New Hampshire. This means our votes would not matter. Disputes over mistakes or fraud would not be contained within individual states. Fraud in one state would affect every state, and it would trigger a nationwide recount. Chaos would ensue.

Taxes and votes are too important to us as citizens. We need a just, stable, and free state. We need a just, stable, and free government. A government that protects the rights of its citizens.

If Democrats continue their hold on New Hampshire, they will destroy our beautiful state and we’ll lose our tax-free status and our precious votes. New Hampshire Republicans need to win in 2020 beginning with the unseating of United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) by electing Republican Bill O’Brien, the unseating of Representative Annie Kuster (D-NH CD2) by electing Republican Steve Negron, the unseating of Representative Chris Pappas (D-NH CD1) by electing Republicans Matt Maybury or Matt Mowers, and by unseating Democrat socialist state representatives by all of the Republican candidates. Make New Hampshire strong again. Make New Hampshire Great Again!

We need common-sense conservatives back in our state capital of Concord. Let’s Go, People!

Live Free or Die.  ♦

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