2016 MassGOP Leadership Resolution: Steve Aylward for Chair, MassGOP


Dear Republicans – I wanted you to inform you that the Boylston RTC recently voted to adopt this 2016 MassGOP Leadership Resolution.  As you may know, the Republican State Committee will be electing a new Chairperson in January of 2017.


Steve Aylward would like to become Chairperson (current Chair is Kirsten Hughes).  We received Steve Aylward’s Plan to move the GOP forward and thought it was inspired and included the Grassroots in ways the MassGOP has ignored us.  The MassGOP, by not supporting President-Elect Donald Trump, missed great opportunities to grow our party from the ground up.   It is time for a change in MassGOP leadership. 


The Republican primary win of 49.3% of the 13 candidates went to Mr. Trump – 311,313 votes (March 1).

The November election results 33.5% of the Massachusetts voters or 1,083,069 people voted for President-Elect Trump.  


None of us are represented by the MassGOP.  It is time for a change in leadership.


Bonnie Johnson

2016 MassGOP Leadership Resolution


Whereas the Boylston Republican Town Committee is committed to the growth of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, and to the election of Republican candidates at all levels, and


Whereas hundreds of legislative races had no Republican candidate on the 2016 ticket, and


Whereas the MA GOP afforded very little help to the Donald Trump Campaign and


Whereas Republican leaders at the highest levels refused to support or even vote for Mr. Trump and


Where Mr. Steven Aylward, candidate for MA GOP Chair, was an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of the President-elect Trump immediately after the primary was concluded, and


Whereas Mr. Aylward was Chairman of the Make MA Great Again Pac and helped raised $24,000 in monies used for banners, bumper stickers and yard signs, and


Whereas Mr, Aylward has offered a plan with a vision to grow the Republican Party from top down and bottom up by growing the grassroots, and


Whereas Mr. Aylward has displayed the honesty, integrity and transparency our Party is in such need of,


Therefore, in the wake of the Trump Victory which will bring much needed change to our great country, we the Boylston Republican Town Committee wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse and support Steven Aylward for the position of Massachusetts Republican Party Chair, and


Therefore we also urge our Republican State Committee members to vote for Mr. Aylward in the January Republican Chair Election, as well as all other Republican State Committee member to do the same.


MassGOP 2016 Leadership Resolution voted on and unanimously supported at the Boylston Republican Town Committee meeting on November 22, 2016.




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