A Blue Bucket in Every Brockton Classroom: Wedge, Rope, Tape to Protect Class from Intruder

Well, the video is everywhere, so we figured we would add it here.
If someone has a gun, and wants to go into a Brockton school, beware, there’s going to be a Lowe’s blue bucket in each classroom, with a wedge, hammer, rope and roll of ductape.

Teachers are instructed to use the hammer to slam the wedge into the door to prevent intruders from getting into classrooms. Then use duct-tape to seal the door edges against gas/smoke. Then use the rope to further secure the door, and if you’re on the first floor, use the hammer to break the windows and escape.

Hmm. Guess every homeowner needs to get a blue bucket?
Meanwhile, the NRA – the largest gun education defense organization in the U.S. has announced more than half-a-million in available grants to train administrators and teachers and security personnel to defend schools against guys and gals with guns. So far, not many takers…guess they choose the blue buckets instead.

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