ANNIVERSARY – Boston Broadside’s 50th Monthly Edition – In Stores Now

Our 50th Monthly Edition was received by most subscribers earlier this week (first-class). It’s been rolling out in stores with limited distribution of the 12,000+ copies we distribute around the state. More get mailed to people in 17 states!

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A few headlines from our past 50 editions are included in a collage on pages 12 and 13 this month:


One Reply to “ANNIVERSARY – Boston Broadside’s 50th Monthly Edition – In Stores Now

  1. I’m an old school Democrat who is totally disgusted with the Democratic Party elitists and the RINOs of the GOP. I enjoy reading the Broadside. Its balanced and factual. I looked at the Boston Globe today. It has a biased story on Trump’s Chief of Staff Kelly’s ancestry. Kelly recently stated that many recent illegal immigrants have higher than usual crime rates and refuse assimilation or the English language. So the Globe article had to mention that Kelly’s immigrant ancestors were illiterate and how terrible Gen. Kelly is. Of course the suburban commenters decry Kelly in the comment section. The same types who love to see working class city or inner suburbs be invaded with illegals increasing crime and receiving benefits that citizens are denied. You don’t see any movements by these people to build low income housing for the new arrivals in Newton, Marblehead, Dover or Hingham. The illegals causing high crime and draining taxpayer benefits is not a concern for them. For their residents only and zoning laws are a cover for their hypocrite ways. Is Globe owner John Henry building any low income immigrant housing? In closing, the Broadside is a breath of fresh air from the bias of the Globe.

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