Boston Broadside Endorsement of Joe Schnieder vs. Seth Moulton

From day one, Seth Moulton (6th Congressional) has been a one-sided, obstructionist, ultra-liberal legislator.  Sadly, he represents one of the more liberal bastions of indecency and intolerance – the 6th Congressional District. As time continues, more and more people have had exposure to Seth-boy-non-wonder, and his extreme arrogance. Hopefully, more will learn about Seth’s opponent, and give him your vote.

For many reasons, we failed to include all the races in our printed edition, but The Boston Broadside and its publisher endorse and support Joe Schneider for Congress, and humbly request that all voters in the 6th Congressional district vote against Seth Moulton, and vote in favor a balanced, sincere, hardworking individual, who will bring sanity where we have seen none in Seth.

Joe Schneider has our 100% endorsement in this race. It was our mistake not to formally endorse him earlier.  Please give him your support and your vote on Nov. 6th.

Learn more about Joe from his short, informative video below:

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