December Edition 2019

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Featuring National and Local Writers, including:

Jim Morose – Michelle Malikin’s stand with ICE in Mass. – Rally

Atty. Robert Snider – On our Mass. Legislature

Erin Leone – Ben Shapiro at BU

Ted Tripp – Is Mass. Birthing a New Political Party? Is Gov. Charlie Baker Involved?

Steve Tougas – Candidate for Republican State Committee

Lonnie Brennan – Under Hughes, MassGOP Employees and Close Associates Steered Millions (?) to … Themselves?

Matt O’Brien – It Would be Cheaper to Fill Potholes with Nickels

Ted Tripp – The Mass. Legislature at Work – Raise Taxes, Raise Fees, Initiate Tolls, Repeat

Dave Gaubatz – Investigating Threat Levels at New Hampshire Moques

Charles Jacobs – Thousands of Black People are Still Slaves. So Why Haven’t You Heard About Them?

Mitchell C. Henderson – Why Democratic Socialists Want Open Borders

Betsey McCaughy – Don’t Impeach Trump. He Puts America, Not Ukraine, First

Patrick J. Buchanan – Let the People Decide Trump’s Fate

Warren P. Russo – The Impeachment Farce

Lonnie Brennan – Predatory Guardianships – Probate & Family Courts – Marsha Kazarosian at center of Alleged Retribution

Walter E. Williams – Who Are the Racists?

John Stossell – Climate Myths

Michelle Malkin – Fight for the Freedom to Question Vaccines

Mary Lou Daxland – State Commitee Races

Catherine White – Constitutional Snippets – Article II – The Judiciary

An Afternoon with WRKO and Bill O’Reilly

First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to Boston

More Debris from the National Felons League (NFL)


and much much more…

including Catholic Action Leagues Exposure of Disgusting Behavior by the Mass. KofC:

Catholic Action League Calls Out Knights for Bad Behavior
Charlestown Knights Host Pro-Abortion Marty Walsh,
K of C State Council Lies to Pro-Life Catholics


In violation of their own stated position: “We reaffirm our long-standing policies of not inviting to any Knights of Columbus event, persons, especially public officials or candidates for public office, who do not support the legal protection of unborn children, … and that we prohibit such persons from renting or otherwise using facilities over which our members have control…”, the Charlestown Council of the Knights of Columbus went forward, despite pro-life protests, with a campaign event for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh at their council hall on Medford Street in Charlestown on November 6th.

Appallingly, the State Council of the Knights of Columbus, headed by State Deputy Paul Flanagan, not only failed to stop—or even condemn—this betrayal of the Catholic faith, the pro-life cause, and the innocent unborn, but responded by lying to pro-life Catholics who contacted them to object to this scandal. When concerned Catholics telephoned the State Council, they were told that the Charlestown Knights did not control property rentals, something called the building association did.

It is utterly disingenuous to suggest that there is some unconnected third party in charge of K of C hall rentals. If that were the case, the K of C prohibitions against facility rentals contained in their Supreme Convention Resolution Building a Culture of Life would be meaningless.

All members of local K of C councils are also members of their building associations. The board of directors of the building association is elected by council members at their annual meeting. Separating the building association from the council is to make a distinction without a difference. To suggest otherwise is to insult one’s intelligence. The State Council told a dog ate the homework lie to cover their own negligence. Sadly, as we have learned so many times in the recent past, the Knights of Columbus in Massachusetts, at least, is a corrupt organization, whose leaders are devoid of integrity and Catholic loyalties.




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