RALLY PHOTOS: IMPEACH JUDGE FEELEY – Salem, Mass. – Jeff Kuhner Rally

Just a few photos of the event held Thursday, May 24 outside the courthouse in Salem, Mass.
See other postings for details on the judge…

Details to follow in the June edition.
Enjoy Memorial Day, and please, remember and honor those who fought for our freedom.

Jeff Kuhner was joined by several police officers, many many family members who have suffered the loss of loved ones, Brittany Jennings, Representative Jim Lyons and his wife Bernadette, Geoff Diehl (U.S. Senate Candidate), Jay McMahon (Atty. General Candidate), Jim Lyons (State Rep.), Richard Baker (Governor’s Council Candidate), Caroline Collaruso (state rep candidate), and many many others.


2 Replies to “RALLY PHOTOS: IMPEACH JUDGE FEELEY – Salem, Mass. – Jeff Kuhner Rally

  1. Good to see people using their Constitutional rights in criticizing a wayward public servant. Good to see people protesting poor judicial performance. Good to see people rejecting the propaganda that Massachusetts judges are above reproach idols. Good to see people realize that many Massachusetts judges are nothing more than second rate lawyers who make the right political connection to get a robe.

  2. Today in the Boston Herald is an article about how some officials of Mass Bar and other lawyer organizations are strongly criticizing opponents of Feeley’s arrogance. Are these self proclaimed legal scholars opposed to public servants being held accountable? Or are they hopeful of someday making the right political connection to get a robe in the Bay State?

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