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RALLY THURSDAY! Feeley Laughs at Victims’ Families Judge mocks parents who lost kids to drug overdoses

Feeley Laughs at Victims’ Families

Judge mocks parents who lost kids to drug overdoses

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Judge Timothy Feeley is laughing at us. In particular, the Salem Superior Court judge is openly mocking the parents, who have lost loved ones to heroin and opioid overdoses. Feeley may be the most corrupt, malicious and arrogant radical leftist judge in Massachusetts. If he is not removed from the bench, more innocent victims will die.

Just ask Lucy Kohler. Her son, Kyle, died at the age of 29 last year of a fentanyl overdose. Like many in Massachusetts, Kohler was outraged when she heard about Feeley’s latest decision. The judge released a convicted heroin dealer, Manuel Soto-Vittini. Feeley made sure the notorious dealer did not spend a single minute in prison. The reason? According to Feeley, Soto-Vittini was an entrepreneur, who had only committed “a money crime” in order to provide for “the best interest of his family.”

Think about it: A prominent local drug dealer, responsible for countless deaths and overdoses, who was caught with over 40 small bags of heroin stashed in his luxury black Volvo is hailed not only as a noble family man, but allowed to walk the streets. He is allowed to continue to prey on more victims, such as Kyle.

“It was a slap in the face,” Kohler said in an interview. “Feeley must be removed. He is allowing heroin dealers, the kind of people who killed my son, to continue to threaten public safety. He doesn’t care about parents like me who’ve lost children to overdoses. He’s laughing at us.”

In fact, Feeley’s people are literally laughing—actually, taunting is the more accurate word—at Kohler and parents like her. During the past week, Kohler has been protesting Feeley in front of the courthouse. Holding a picture of her late son, she wants Feeley to see the people who are destroyed by drug dealers like Soto-Vittini. Instead, several days ago, a female staff member affiliated with Feeley walked up to Kohler and openly mocked her.

“She said to me that ‘Feeley is a great man’ and that I had no business protesting his decision,” Kohler said. “She was rude and nasty.”

According to Kohler, she then told the female staffer that her attitude would be different if she—or Feeley—had lost a loved one to an opioid/heroin overdose.

“She laughed at me,” Kohler said. “She then winked at me, in a very sarcastic way, and said ‘good luck with that rally,’” referring to the mass rally that will be held on Thursday in front of the Salem Superior courthouse demanding Feeley’s impeachment. (Full disclosure: I am spearheading the rally and will be one of the featured speakers).

Feeley believes he is untouchable. In fact, law enforcement officials say the liberal judge is bragging that “only 50 or 60 people” will show up at the rally. In other words, Feeley believes that, for all the public outrage, the citizens of Massachusetts are all talk, no action; they may vent on radio shows like mine, but in the end judicial supremacy will prevail.

And who can blame him? For too long, he—and his liberal allies on the courts—have run wild with outrageous rulings that put the interests of criminals above decent, law-abiding citizens. All one needs to do is read a recent article, “The Controversial Decisions of Salem Judge Timothy Feeley,” by Dave Copeland in Patch.com. Copeland lays bare Feeley’s long, sordid history on the bench.  Drug dealers, child molesters, cop-killers, perpetrators of domestic violence, armed robbers, embezzlers, crooks, gangsters—all of them have been released by Feeley to roam our streets, leading to countless more crimes and deaths.

Yet, so far Feeley has remained unscathed. Gov. Charlie Baker remains silent; Attorney General Maura Healey refuses to condemn him; and most state Democrats continue to coddle him. The reason is obvious: Feeley is a hack—one of them. He was appointed by Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick. Feeley is protected by the state’s corrupt political-media class. They refuse to hold him accountable.

This is why he can laugh, mock and taunt Lucy Kohler and all the other parents who have lost their children to the scourge of drugs. Last year alone, nearly 2,000 people in Massachusetts died because of the opioid epidemic. With Moonbats like Feeley on the bench, more will continue to die. Today, it is Lucy Kohler who is crying out—begging—for justice. Tomorrow, it may be you.

Enough is enough. Nothing will change in Massachusetts until out-of-control, rogue judges, such as the despicable Feeley, are held accountable for their dangerous, reckless actions. It’s time for a populist revolt. A precedent must be set: There will be—and should be—consequences for judicial misconduct. Feeley must be impeached or removed from office. Justice demands it.

This is why I am asking all of you to please join me at the Impeach Judge Feeley rally on Thursday, May 24, at 4:15 pm EST in front of the J. Michael Ruane Judicial Building on Federal Street in Salem, Massachusetts. If you’re taking the train, you can get off at the Salem stop on the Commuter rail—the Rockport/Newburyport line. From there, it’s about a five-minute walk to the rally.

Feeley can laugh at us all he wants. But, hopefully, soon the joke will be on him. This loser needs to go.


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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  1. Why is anyone surprised by the ignorance? Why would one expect decency or caring from a second rate lawyer who made a campaign contribution to get himself a title and permanent job? Why would anyone be surprised that his underlings reflect the arrogance and ignorance of their boss?

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