Gov. Candidate Scott Lively Threatens MassGOP with Defamation Lawsuit…Demands Apology, Resignation, and More…

MONDAY MAY 29, 2018:
Dr. Scott Lively, candidate for Mass. Governor issued the following press release, demanding a litany of actions by the MassGOP and Gov. Baker. Sets June 4th as deadline to comply or face multi-million lawsuit.

A complaint asking for $7 Million in Punitive Damages has been drafted and will be filed next week if Charlie Baker and his co-conspirators do not agree to a list of concessions.


Mass GOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes reacts to Dr. Lively’s speech at the Republican convention on April 28th.  Also on the dais was National Committeeman Ron Kaufman. As GOP Chair, Ms. Hughes was warned in a May 24th letter by the Lively legal team against destruction of any evidence potentially relevant to litigation for conspiracy and other causes of action, including email and other communications between all potential defendants.  Photo courtesy of MassResistance.




Charlie Baker and His Co-Conspirators Must Be Held Accountable for their Moral and Political Corruption that has Severely Damaged the MASS GOP
The Committee to Elect Scott Lively Governor of Massachusetts
PO Box 10512, Holyoke, MA 01041,

For Immediate Release

Contact: Dr. Scott Lively:

Lively Demands Concessions from the Baker Campaign and the Mass GOP

Lawsuit To Be Filed Next Week if Defendants Do Not Agree to Demands by Noon on June 4th.

Statement by Dr. Lively:
Nearly all of the problems in Massachusetts needing a political solution fall under the heading of Moral or Political Corruption.  The entity most responsible for this corruption is not the Democrat Party, which is expected to act in accordance with its corrupt presuppositions, such as support for the murder of unborn babies in the womb, and the rejection of original intent in interpreting the US Constitution.  But instead, the greater weight of blame falls on the GOP, whose duty since the founding of the party in 1854 as always been to champion true virtue-based conservative principles. It is the party’s increasing abandonment of those principles over the past several decades in Massachusetts which has allowed corruption to flourish, not just in our government but in the Republican Party leadership itself.

Corruption inside the GOP has peaked under the leadership of Charlie Baker and his chief minion, Mass GOP Chairman, Kirsten Hughes, who have waged open political warfare against the party’s conservative base since at least 2010.

The 2010 GOP Nominating Convention was tainted by widespread allegations of cheating and voter fraud by the Baker team against the conservative standard bearer Christy Mihos.

In 2014, similar allegations of cheating and voter fraud emerging from the 2014 Convention triggered litigation by conservative gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher that resulted in a payout of well over $400,000.00 in damages and attorney fees by the party.

In 2016, undaunted by that severe sanction, the Baker team, (according to media reports) raised and spent around a million dollars of so-called “dark money” (from undisclosed donors) to expunge pro-Trump conservatives from the 80-member State Committee (the backbone of the party), while three statewide races went to the Democrats for lack of funding.

In 2018, another “dark money” scheme connected to Mr. Baker resulted in the largest fine ever levied by Massachusetts for campaign finance violations, against the non-profit entity “Strong Economy for Growth,” which subsequently closed its doors.

Again in 2018, upon my entrance into the race for governor as a Republican, the Baker team conspired to cheat me out of a place on the ballot in the 2018 Convention.  After being promised face-to-face by Mass GOP Executive Director Matt St. Hillaire, that the party would maintain absolute neutrality during the primary (per party bylaws on which I relied), the party was exposed by the Boston Globe in a scheme to use the party resources and machinery to campaign for Mr. Baker and collect nomination signatures for him at party expense.

I responded to the Globe report by issuing a Cease and Desist Letter in February 14, 2018 to the Mass GOP, demanding that simple parity be restored, and putting the party on notice that it had a legal duty to preserve all potential evidence including emails and other documents.  But in response, Republican House Minority Leader Brad Jones issued his own letter to the GOP Executive Committee, egregiously libeling me and proposing that the party repeal the neutrality rules in the bylaws (only for the Governors race) and officially shun me as a pariah whose involvement in the election process would harm the party.  The Executive Committee did in fact adopt Mr. Jones’ proposal, after (according to the Globe) aggressive lobbying by agents for Mr. Baker.

On April 28th the 2018 GOP Nominating Convention took place at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, where electronic balloting was initiated as a supposed remedy to “irregularities” in the back room paper ballot counting of prior elections.  The process appeared to be working as advertised through all the down-ticket races leading up to and including the Lieutenant Governor’s race.  However, immediately thereafter the representatives of the remaining campaigns (Governor and US Senate) were calling into a back room where a lawyer for the party and Kirsten Hughes asserted that they were having trouble with the WiFi bandwidth in the building and would need to switch to paper balloting for the final races.  I told them quite frankly that I had been waiting all day to see how they intended to try to cheat me as they had done to Mihos and Fisher, and now I knew.  But I added that I would not accept paper balloting and would litigate the issue.  Within two minutes of leaving the room, Mr. St Hillaire came rushing after me to say the WiFi problem had been resolved.  Hmmm.

I proceeded shortly thereafter to deliver the speech that won me 27.6% of the delegates, despite a deck stacked with hundreds of “Super Delegates” pledged to Charlie, and an open (not secret) ballot being monitored in real time by Baker team operatives while other Baker team members engaged in anti-Lively rumor-mongering and pro-Baker arm-twisting on the convention floor.  I was told by State Committee members and others that they would have voted for me except for fear of retaliation by Mr. Baker.

On February 23, 2018, well before the convention, in response to the Executive Committee repeal of the neutrality rules, I filed a criminal complaint with Attorney General Maura Healey. Healey is a far-left Democrat believed by many to be in league both with Mr. Baker and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in a scheme to ensure that Baker and Warren emerge from the 2018 elections with the highest possible election margins and popular approval ratings – as part of a secret plan to jointly oppose President Trump in 2020 from both parties simultaneously.  Ms. Healey’s failure even to acknowledge my letter over the subsequent three months lends weight to that conspiracy theory.  More importantly, it leaves me with no other avenue but civil litigation to vindicate my rights and end the corrupt regime of the Mass GOP under Baker, Hughes and their accomplices.

I am both an attorney and a pastor.  The attorney side of me believes the only way to stop corruption in the Mass GOP is for a court of law to rule against the defendants on the merits of a complaint, after full discovery of all the emails, documents, conversations and back-room dealings that identify exactly who did what, when and how.  And given the fact that the roughly $450,000 penalty they paid last time wasn’t enough to stop the corruption, I would expect to see a punitive damages award into the millions of dollars, perhaps even into eight digits.

However, the pastor side of me believes in mercy and giving people the chance to do the right thing without suffering the pain and expense of protracted litigation and the intense public scrutiny that comes with it.  And since I am leaning more to the pastor side than the lawyer side at the moment, I am offering the following opportunity for the defendants.  I will agree not to file suit if the following conditions are met:
1.  Kirsten Hughes must resign and be replaced by someone acceptable to the conservative base.

2.  Brad Jones and the members of the Executive Committee who voted to adopt his proposal must issue a letter of apology for libeling me.

3. The Party must restore and scrupulously observe the neutrality rules in the 2018 gubernatorial primary race, and agree in writing to fully support me in the general election if I win the primary.

4. The Party must agree to require a secret ballot in all future conventions and that an equal number of “super delegates” be allotted to all contenders in a contested race.

5.  The Defendants must pay to the Committee to Elect Scott Lively the sum of $50,000 plus attorney fees as compensation for expenses to date attributable to hardships imposed by the repeal of the neutrality rules.

6.  Charlie Baker must donate $1 Million from his own campaign warchest to any established pro-life organization in Massachusetts deemed suitable by Dr. Lively, to fund a public service media campaign during the final 21 days of the 2018 primary election season urging Massachusetts voters to respect the sanctity of human life and seek an end to the murder of unborn babies by voting for pro-life candidates.  This campaign will not identify any candidates by name but will stress the importance of protecting unborn babies from abortion by voting pro-life.

7.  The Mass GOP must publish a full page advertisement in the Boston Globe during the month of July, preferably on the 4th of July, featuring a letter of strong support and appreciation for President Donald Trump and commending him for keeping his campaign promises to Make America Great Again, and must offer all Republican candidates and party leaders including State Committee Members, and City and Town Committee Chairs, the opportunity to have their names and signatures displayed below that letter.
I believe these concessions by the defendants would be sufficiently restorative in nature to return the Mass GOP to good moral standing in the eyes of Massachusetts conservatives and allow the party to proceed forward with clean hands in the task of “Draining the Swamp” on Beacon Hill and throughout the Commonwealth.  And they represent a far less costly and painful alternative to what would likely await them at the hands of a Massachusetts Jury.

We will give the defendants until Noon on Monday, June 4th to agree to these terms before filing our complaint.

Dr. Scott Lively



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  1. MassGOP does little. Few if any tv ads highlight Republican candidates running for state offices. Attorney General Healey is no doubt the most ineffective state attorney general in state history. Her record, or lack of ,on public corruption and consumer rights is a disgrace. Yet, not one tv ad from MassGOP informing voters of this.

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